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Rat Terriers and Corgis!

Rat Terriers: We breed standard sized (20-30 lbs) Rat Terriers with Decker bloodlines, and we absolutely delight in providing well-adjusted and socialized pups who bond strongly with "their" human. We used to think that a person owns a dog.......but with our puppies, it doesn't take long for the pup to own you!

By the time they leave us (6-8 weeks) they are eating dry kibble, lapping water and milk, following on walks (off leash), rough-housing with siblings, and nearly potty-trained.

They are smart and trainable, and live to make you happy. As one of our puppy buyers has said, his puppy would rather be with him, than eat his meal! This man is a retired veterinarian, and liked rat terriers because they have "hybrid vigor" since they are a new breed, and are made up of other american dogs. They are the original family farm dog, and it is great that they are now being recognized and registered!

The best things about these dogs, are their adaptability and their bond with their people. We have successfully placed puppies in remote outposts, ranches, farms, in towns, apartments, downtown high-rises, and with full-time RV people. They have been trained to work livestock (they naturally "hold", not "herd"), track game, search up deer antler sheds, hunt vermin (of course!!!) and work for PTST sufferers, by being the ultimate "wing man" and making sure premises are "all clear".

Corgis: The ultimate fun-loving uncomplicated personality. We love them! Corgis have a number of health issues, so we DNA test to make sure we know the pups are healthy and should live a long happy life with you. A corgi and a rat terrier together are amazing. Their personalities are so different, that they don't conflict, they mesh with each other.

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  • BREED: Corgi, Pembroke Welsh
  • AGE: 1 year, 27 weeks
  • PJ is such a character! Loves to follow on walks (no leash needed) will come when called, and is full of humor. He makes us laugh, but it seems...View the complete puppy profile for more information.
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  • BREED: Rat Terrier
  • AGE: 1 year, 27 weeks
  • Meet Zeb! He is up for any adventure you can dream up, happiest if he has his human nearby. His outgoing personality means he would be a good...View the complete puppy profile for more information.
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