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We bought our first dachshund puppy in April 2004 as a birthday gift for our oldest daughter. We started with this breed because everyone told us that if you live in the country you need a dachshund to keep snakes and mice away from the house. Sadie was her name and she did exactly what everyone told us, she kept snakes away from our house. The other thing Sadie did for our family is she made us fall in love with the character of the dachshund breed. They are very loving and sweet dogs with the best personality. Then Sadie had a litter of puppies and we were hooked. Now we have 3 breeds, and we love and shower each of them with attention just like they are the only one.

Our Labs began as one hunting dog purchased for my daughter. Then a year later a dear friend gave my son a male yellow lab for his birthday so he would have his own hunting dog. All of our adult Labs have been professionally trained and have done well hunting with us in the field. They are like a part of the family and all of them think they are lap dogs and want in our laps all the time. We love them!!

The Yorkies are my youngest daughters thing. We gave her our first Yorkie “Peanut” for Valentines Day several years ago. They are beautiful and sweet dogs with lots of personality. Everyone always told me Yorkies were inside dogs but our dogs love to run and play outside, lying in the sun and snoozing under the trees. Our Yorkies are near and dear to our heart!!

Our facility is located on 200 acres in Texas about 45 miles southeast of San Antonio. Our breeding stock is housed in what we call our canine condos. Their accommodations include bed, food, water, heat, air conditioning and an outside run that they can access to at their convenience. When our bred females are approximately 2 weeks from delivering a new litter we move them into our birthing facility to whelp and the puppies are there until they find their new homes. We worm the puppies every 2 weeks and they are started on Puppy shots at 6 weeks. We strive to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted puppies in a clean facility. Our puppies have to be at least 6 to 8 weeks old before they can leave our facility.

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  • Yellow Lab Male puppy for sale. Last one in litter left. He is a cute puppy with a great personality!! He has had his first round of shots and...Yellow Lab Male puppy for sale. Last one in litter left. He is a cute puppy with a great personality!! He has had his first round of shots and...
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