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Our vision is to create and continue breeding for a utilitarian German Shepherd Dog with temperament, working ability, conformation to get them there, and the health to keep going.

We are a small, family operated and owned kennel focusing the majority of our time on our German Shepherd Dogs. As dog trainers first we feel it is of utmost importance to get a puppy off to the right start from the day they are born. We have a puppy program we put our litters through to encourage confidence, build up the ability to handle stress, and expose them to as many different surfaces and obstacles as we can. This creates a very well rounded German Shepherd puppy making a fantastic candidate in a working home, or as an active companion for a family.

We choose to keep our kennel small to ensure we dedicate as much time as we need to each individual puppy as well as our adults. We train and title all of our dogs ourselves to gain a complete understanding of what our dogs have to offer to our breeding program. Breeding only a select few litters a year allows us the ability to evaluate puppies as they grow so we can match puppy and buyer for complete compatibility. With the small amount of litters, this means we may not always have puppies available. We choose to keep a waiting list to be called when puppies are born, and deposits to be placed on puppies for a place in line.

About Zwinger Von Der Bauerhof German Shepherds
We keep in contact with all of our puppy buyers to have a very good idea of what we are producing and how our litters are turning out. We care deeply about each puppy we produce and we want to make sure we can do everything in our power to continue improving our lines. Keeping in close contact allows us to observe the development of the puppy, the health of our lines, and most importantly the temperament. We encourage all of our puppy buyers to health test their puppies (DM, Thyroid, Hip & Elbow, etc.) to help join in our breeding program and let us know the results so we can use that valuable information in our breeding choices. We also greatly encourage you to stay active with your puppies and share with us all of your accomplishments. A breeding program requires the help of all of the puppy buyers a long with the breeder to become successful. We consider our puppy buyers a big part of our family and program and offer support for the life of the dog.

Our goal for ourselves is to continue a line of strong, stable, hard working and wonderful companions to continue training and titling in our free time, while inviting others to join our family. Our first priority is temperament and health, followed closely by a utilitarian working ability. Utilitarian working ability allows our dogs to be clear-headed and ready to do any job their owners chooses for them; companions, sport dogs, agility dogs, you name it! We enjoy raising German Shepherds as a hobby and only produce dogs that we would be proud to call our own.

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