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Why is Brushing Your Dog Important

Everyone knows that it is a good idea to brush their dog’s coat. It makes it silky and smooth and helps it stay healthy, shiny, and pleasant to the touch. However, there are plenty more reasons you should be brushing your dog on a regular basis!

Air Circulation
Removing dirt, dust, dead skin, and loose hair from the coat improves air circulation to the skin. Getting more air to the skin helps it stay healthy. It also helps your dog stay cool during exercise and during the warmer parts of the year.

Most breeds of long-haired dogs who don’t get brushed regularly will develop mats. Mats are not only unsightly and difficult to remove once they have formed; they are also quite painful for your dog. This will result in lost sleep and thus lethargy, and also undue stress and even behavior problems.

Lymphatic System
Brushing stimulates the lymphatic system. This improves digestion, makes the immune system stronger, helps fight cancer, and improves circulation. A healthy lymphatic system can even help ease some behavioral problems.

Regular brushing gives you the opportunity to notice external parasites on your dog. External parasites are not only an itchy inconvenience, but they are also detrimental to the health of your dog and your family. External parasites, like fleas, ticks, and mites, carry internal parasites and diseases that can make your dog and the people around your dog sick. External parasites also affect the health and beauty of your dog’s coat.

Health Problems
Regular brushing makes you familiar with every bump and curve of your dog’s body. Dog owners who regularly brush their furry friends are more likely to notice pre-cancerous or cancerous tumors and other health concerns. Brushing regularly also helps you notice if your dog has acquired any cuts, scrapes, or sore spots that you may otherwise not notice, which may need medical attention.

When properly introduced, brushing is a calming experience. This process reduces stress. Many vets believe that stress contributes to many health and behavior problems. In general, a calm dog is a happier, more easily trained dog, and brushing helps you achieve this feeling. Dogs in a calm state are also significantly less likely to have behavior problems.

Strengthen Bond

Spending relaxing time brushing your dog is a great way for you to bond with him. Any time you spend together in a calm state is beneficial to your relationship.

Healthy for You

Countless studies have shown that stroking a dog lowers blood pressure, improves circulation, and stimulates the immune system. Therefore, people who have a nice, mellow, grooming session with their pooch a couple of times a week are contributing to their own overall health.

Starting Young
Getting your dog used to being brushed early-on makes him more comfortable with being handled in general. Not only will he be accepting of brushing, but he will also be easier to bathe, more comfortable at the vet, and more accepting of petting and cuddles.

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