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Why Feed with Organic Dog Food

Certified Organic food is produced under stringent standards that ensure safe and natural farming practices and ecologically friendly methods within guidelines set by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The organic food movement is gaining more and more support as green living finds itself at the forefront of our society’s consciousness. Today one can find the organic version of most products, including dog food and treats. So, why should you feed your dog organic food?

Organic food is made with no additives, chemicals, colorants, pesticides, or bulk fillers. This means the products on which you’re spending your hard-earned money are natural, high-quality foods. When you buy organic, you truly know what you’re getting, and what is being consumed by your beloved pooch. The USDA strictly monitors the production of organics. A company cannot legally advertise its foods as “certified organic” unless both the place of production, and any other location or company that handles its products between production and sale have been certified by agents of the USDA’s National Organic Project (NOP). There is much comfort to be found in the fact that the food you’re giving your dog has been certified by the United States Government as completely organic.

Organic food, by the very nature of its production, is healthier for your dog. Since the standards under which organic foods are produced are so strict, one need not worry about the risks associated with contaminants finding their way into products. Animals raised organically are free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and other artificial drugs. In fact, a company cannot boast that its meat is organic unless the animals eat nothing but organic foods themselves. Again, this ensures that you know exactly what you are providing your dog when you feed with organic dog food.

 Furthermore, it has been concluded by the American Association for the Advancement of Science that organically grown foods have higher nutritional value than those grown in standard, industrial environments—namely, more vitamins, more antioxidants and lower levels of nitrates (which can form cancer-causing compounds). Non-organic dog foods are choc-full of sodium, preservatives and artificial colors, none of which are healthy for your dog. Organic food, however, includes nothing but actual, wholesome, food products. Feeding your dog an organic diet is believed to boost the immune system, thus lessening the risk of infection and various diseases.

The health benefits associated with eating foods that are literally more nutritious cannot be ignored, but that’s only part of the multifaceted argument for buying organic. If you’re interested in a greener lifestyle, organic is the way to go.

The farming industry uses 12% of the US energy supply, more than any other industry. Due to production, transporting, processing and marketing, non-organic farming is extremely dependant on fossil fuels. Organic farming, however, requires 70% less energy.

The lack of pesticides and herbicides on organic farms safeguards groundwater, topsoil, habitats and neighborhood health. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that agriculture is responsible for 70% of the pollution in US rivers and streams. It is believed that pesticides contaminate the groundwater in 38 US states. These dangerous and often carcinogenic chemicals are making their way into our drinking water, and, in much greater volume, into the bodies of farmers. Farmers are six times more at risk for cancer than any other profession.

Buying organic benefits the community by supporting the avoidance of dangerous chemicals in farming, and it also gives local economies a leg-up. According to the USDA, 50% if farm products come from 1% of farms. This is one of the reasons that the US has lost more than approximately 650,000 family farms in the last ten years. Supporting the smaller, more efficient farms that produce organic products means supporting small business, family farms, and the wholesome lifestyle that goes along with the two.

One of the most feel-good reasons to buy organic is that organic food has been scientifically proven to taste better. Organic farming actually improves the soil. Soil quality has been proven to improve quality, taste, and storability of foods.

So what are you waiting for? Do your part for farmers, the economy, the environment, and your dog—Go organic for your dog’s food!

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