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Don't Get Rid of Your Dog!

It brings tears to my big brown hound dog eyes every time I hear about a dog lover who has to give up his or her beloved pooch. I understand that sometimes situations seem to have no solution except to give up, but please read through these ideas first. Maybe you’ll find the answer that will help you keep your furry friend. There are too many unwanted dogs in shelters as it is; if you love your dog, do everything you can to keep him. (All links are to further reading at and will open in a new window.)

So, why do you need to get rid of your dog?

Try these easy steps first: 1,2,3 for a Balanced Dog. Also, consider adjusting your training philosophy. Many dog owners have seen amazing results from NILIF (Nothing in Life is Free) Training. A good start is working with your dog on the Commands Every Dog Should Know. You can also contact a professional dog trainer or take your dog to obedience classes. Unless your dog is dangerous, he can most likely be trained into a perfect gentleman with a little time and patience.

House Training
Easy! This is so simple to fix and you can keep your dog! First, take the pooch to the vet to make sure some kind of health problem isn’t causing house training issues. Then try these 10 Simple Housetraining Tips. If that doesn’t work, and your dog is having potty issues mostly when you aren’t home, learn about Separation Anxiety and consider if that is perhaps the issue. Also, consider Crate Training your dog and putting him on a regular feeding schedule.

If you’ve fallen on tough times and are having trouble affording your dog's care, check out these tips on Stretching your Pooch Pennies. If that isn’t enough, search for doggy food banks that will help you out by giving you some dog food to make it till you can afford it again. Another resort is to look for a foster home for your pooch. Maybe a friend, family member, or friend of a friend would be willing to watch your dog for an extended period of time until your economic condition improves.

Or, if you’re creative and outgoing, here’s a fun idea: Have a pooch benefit party. Invite your friends, buddies from the dog park, and all the animal lovers at work. Send out invitations that explain your situation and tell them to bring their dogs. Have a good old fashioned Dog Picnic and maybe some of your guests will find it in their hearts to bring a bag of food for Fido, or chip in on a vet visit so he doesn’t have to go away. Remember, dog lovers know that every dog that can be kept in his loving home makes room for a unfortunate, unloved dog to be cared for in a shelter.

Having Kids
No, No, No! Keep that dog! Dogs make amazing companions and protectors for children. You can just work the steps of Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby into the whole “baby proofing the house” routine.  Down the road you’ll be so glad you held onto your dog. Canine companions make amazing teachers and teaching aids for kids of all ages. Just think how proud you’ll be when your little munchkin is old enough and responsible enough to feed Fido on his or her own, and start taking your pooch for daily walks. They’ll be best buds before you know it.

Dog Health Problems
If you can’t afford to pay for your dog’s health issues, don’t think your present vet is your only option. There are low cost clinics out there, as well as vets who will work with you on a payment plan. Who knows, when you shop around for vets, you may end up getting a second opinion on your dog’s condition that indicates a less expensive and just as beneficial treatment.

Some vets will even let you do odd jobs like cleaning cages and walking boarded dogs to help work off your debt. These vets are few and far between, but it certainly hurts less to ask and get turned down than it does to give up your beloved pooch.  

Human Health Problems
If you are sick and cannot offer your dog the care he needs, turn to your family and friends. If you are home in bed, you probably want visitors. Maybe you can get some friends and family to each commit to a day a week to walk your pooch for you when they come visit? There are also outreach organizations in many towns with volunteers who care for the dogs of the injured, sick, and homebound. Keep in mind that having your furry friend with you when you are sick and stuck at home can be a huge benefit to not just your mood, but your overall health as well.

If your health issue just means you can’t exercise your dog like you used to, that’s even easier. Just take your pooch to the dog park. He’ll run off that energy and get plenty of exercise. If you don’t have a dog park in town, consider cultivating friendships with other dog owners so your dogs can get together and play to get their much needed exercise.  

Easy as pie, and you don’t even have to get allergy shots. Just read this article about Dog Allergies in People. Try those tips out and see if they help.

So, bottom line, there are a lot of ways you can hang on to your pooch if you take the time to look around. I’m sure there are plenty more options I haven’t even thought of. Just take some time to think about this decision. Pull that pooch into your lap, give him a great big hug, and ask yourself if being dog-free is really what you want.

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