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Common Internet Scams and Warning Signs has 1000's of reputable breeders advertising their Puppies for sale but you need to make sure you aren't stumbling across that one bad breeder or scammer. It is very important that you interview the breeder, get references and actually call those references. Additionally you should request more photos of the dog you wish to purchase.

**NEVER use Western Union or Money Gram to purchase a pet. Most scammers use Western Union to steal hundreds and even thousands of dollars from innocent people just trying to find that perfect Dog to bring home to their family. Yes it is sad! Do NOT trust a seller stating they are from Africa, Lagos, Nigeria or Cameroon.

How can I be assured that I am not being scammed? Please read the Common Internet Scam techniques below.

Bringing a Dog into your family can bring many happy years and great companionship.

Common Internet Scams
Most internet transactions are perfectly legitimate yet there are occassional reports of fraud or scams. There isn't a single, surefire way to identify fraudulent sellers or buyers. However, we've listed some of the warning signs of fraud below. Please note that none of these signs is a definitive indicator of a fraudulent seller. They are factors to help you identify high-risk transactions. Likewise, there is no guarantee that if a seller does not meet any of these criteria, it's a legitimate seller. If you are suspicious, it's a good idea to do some research. It is very important to remember that if something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't.

Warning Signs
Buyers who claim to be traveling abroad and offer to have their "agent", "business associate", "friend", or "shipper" complete the transaction. They may offer to pay by Cashiers Check for over the amount. This 'buyer' will claim to be trusting you to return the overage of funds. Banks will often cash these checks then hold you accountable for the funds once the check fails to clear.

Sellers who insist that you use Western Union or other money transfer services.

Sellers who reside in distant countries. Sellers that request money to be wired to Romania, Ukraine, Macedonia, Belarus, Pakistan, Russia, Lithuania, Egypt, Lagos, Nigeria, Colombia, Malaysia, Indonesia or Cameroon. tend to have a very high incidence of fraud. Unless you have a lot experience with international orders, you may want to decline to send money to these countries.

Sellers offering a Dog significantly below market value. This is often a scam to engage many people to send money for this non-exsistent dog. You will never receive the dog.

Sellers who request that a "shipper" be paid directly or sellers that state the Dog will be delivered directly to your door or destination. All dogs shipped via an airplane must be picked up at the airport.

Sellers who state that you must send additional funds to get the Dog through customs.

Who should I notify if I suspect fraud?
Contact and the FTC.

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