Food/Nutrition Articles
What should you be feeding your dog? And, maybe more importantly, what should you absolutely not be feeding your dog? Learn about food, supplements, and the yummy, dangerous foods you should keep out of snout’s reach.

Food/Nutrition Articles
  • Treating Your Dog
    Everybody loves to treat their dog, and we all know dogs love treats. With all the options out there, how does one figure out the best way to treat his or her pooch?

  • Why Feed with Organic Dog Food
    Organic food is made with no additives, colorants, pesticides, or bulk fillers. This means the products on which you’re spending your hard-earned money are natural, high-quality foods. When you buy organic, you truly know what you’re getting, and what is being consumed by your beloved pooch. The USDA strictly monitors the production of organics.

  • Think Before You Feed
    Most of us are guilty of slipping our dogs a little people food from time to time, and it is ok to feed your dog from your menu every once and a while. However, if you want to give your dog people food, you should be familiar with this list of foods that are perfectly ok for people, but stand to make your dog sick.

  • Raw Diet
    More and more people are switching their dogs over to a raw diet. Eating fresh, raw, organic, whole foods provides a host of health benefits to your dog. It is not unhealthy to feed your dog premium, high-quality, commercially produced kibble; but a raw diet is believed by many to be a great way to ensure a healthy diet for your dog.

  • Overweight Dogs
    The obesity of American dogs has reached an unforgivable level. Experts believe that 40% of our nation’s dogs are overweight. It is time that all pet owners take stock in their beloved furry companion’s health and get on top of this obesity epidemic.

  • Brewers Yeast
    Brewers yeast, a byproduct of the beer brewing process, is widely used as a canine dietary supplement and is believed to have a broad range of benefits to your dog. There is some conflict surrounding the use of brewers yeast as a dietary supplement for pets and humans.