Dog Grooming Articles
Why go to the groomer for your dog’s everyday needs like tooth brushing and nail clipping? These are the tricks of the trade that will help you through grooming your pooch at home.

Dog Grooming Articles
  • Tear Stains
    Tear stains are a common issue among many light colored and toy dogs. The first step towards ridding your dog of tear stains is to pinpoint the cause. Once you know why your dog is getting tear stains, you can get rid of the problem, clean the stains, and move on.

  • Shiny Coats Mean Healthy Dogs
    A dull, lackluster coat on your dog is neither aesthetically pleasing nor pleasant to pet. Furthermore, a shiny coat is indicative of a healthy dog. There are several things you can do to help your dog have a gorgeous, enviable coat.

  • Shed-Up With Dog Hair
    Nobody likes having their furniture and carpets covered with enough fur to make another Fido. Although one must remember that a certain amount of seasonal shedding in most breeds is normal, there are some things to consider that can help you downgrade to a more casual relationship with your lint brush.

  • Clipping Your Dog's Nails
    Dog’s nails grow constantly, and need regular clipping. If you don’t keep up with your dog’s nails, they will continue to grow and eventually curl around and grow into the pads of their feet, which is extremely painful. The trick to successfully clipping your dog’s nails is conditioning and desensitization.

  • Brushing Your Dog's Teeth
    Brushing your dog’s teeth is just as important as brushing your own. Plaque can build up and cause cavities and gum disease. Poor dental hygiene can lead to bad breath, loss of teeth, weight loss, pain, and digestive problems. It can also negatively affect all the body’s organs, and has been shown to contribute to heart disease.