Dog Accessories Articles
Are you a little lost outfitting your pooch with everything he needs to be a happy, healthy hound? There’s a whole wide world of pet products out there and we’re here to help you pick out the accessories that are just right for you and your best furry friend.

Dog Accessories Articles
  • What Bowl is Right for My Dog
    Each dog varies from the next in many ways--they have different tastes in food, different nutritional needs, and different physical issues. But as far as feeders, there is one widely accepted way to feed that literally stands above the others: Elevated feeders, also known as doggy diners, or feeding stations.

  • The Right Collar for Your Dog
    Every dog should wear a collar with an ID tag. But with the hundreds of collars available today, what collar is right for your dog?

  • Choosing the Perfect Dog Bed
    Dogs seek a comfy place to catch their Z’s just like we do, and often this is at the expense of our good night’s sleep. Purchasing your pooch a bed of his own will help to keep him out of yours, and if you pick a bed that your dog will really use, it will keep him and his hair off the rest of your furniture as well.

  • Dog Toy Maintenance
    Dog toys are not just a luxury for your dog, they are necessary. They help fight boredom and separation anxiety, they help your dog get the exercise he needs, they are a good replacement for improper behavior, and they are fun! However, you have to keep an eye on your dog’s toys so they do not become hazardous to your dog’s health.