Labrador Retriever Wanted

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Jennifer Mcvey
Tacoma, WA
Gender Desired Male
Main Breed True
Interest Level
Delivery Method Pick-up
Time Period to Buy 6+ Months
Property Type Single Family Household
Do you currently have dogs in the household?


Do you currently have children in the household


Does anyone in the household have allergies?


On average, how many hours a day will the dog be left home alone?

Less than 1 hour

Why do you or your family want a dog?

Well I am disabiled and I think having a dog around will be good company. Not to mention it would be good for my depression. I have been babysitting peoples dogs for years and I love them so much. I would like to get a puppie that can get big. I also worry about my safety. I dont have a lot of money so if the cost can stay very low I would appricate it Thanks