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Linda Cabot
Cleveland, OH
Gender Desired No Preference
Main Breed True
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Delivery Method No Preference
Time Period to Buy 1-3 Months
Property Type N/A

Detailed address information not available.

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On average, how many hours a day will the dog be left home alone?

Less than 1 hour

Why do you or your family want a dog?

I lost my dog of 15 years last year, it was devastating. She did have a good long life with us. I'm disabled so I am always home. My children are all grown, my youngest son is still at home with me. All I have is time on my hands and I would love to be training and spending my time with a new dog. With my disability I need a very small dog. I broke my back and would not be able to walk a large dog. I could handle a small dog just fine. It would be great company for me because I don't do anything sense I hurt myself and I really need too. It would if I started getting out walking everyday. Also just recently we found a lost little Shi Tzu pekinese mix, I'm guessing the breed,It was the image of a dog I've been searching for. He had the perfect flat pug face but fur like a shi tzu I was the happiest I've been in a long time, walking him every day, having his company. However it was just foster care for a couple months so now I really want a dog of my own.