Bichon Frise Wanted

Contact Buyer
Inna Fermanuk
Shakoope, MN
Gender Desired Female
Main Breed True
Interest Level
Delivery Method No Preference
Time Period to Buy 2 Weeks
Property Type Single Family Household
Do you currently have dogs in the household?


Do you currently have children in the household

Yes, 1
Age(s): 1

Does anyone in the household have allergies?


On average, how many hours a day will the dog be left home alone?

2 - 4 hours

Why do you or your family want a dog?

I have loved dogs since I was very little and have never had a dog react to me in a negative way. A lot of times people will be shocked at how well I get along with certain dogs that don't really warm up well to others. I love every minute I'm around pets. My first job was actually looking after two puppies while their owners where at work, and hopefully one day I would love to be a veterinarian.