Maltese Wanted

Contact Buyer
Shelbey Wright
Walnut, CA
Gender Desired Male
Main Breed True
Interest Level
Delivery Method No Preference
Time Period to Buy 2 Weeks
Property Type Apartment
Do you currently have dogs in the household?


Do you currently have children in the household


Does anyone in the household have allergies?


On average, how many hours a day will the dog be left home alone?

4 - 6 hours

Why do you or your family want a dog?

I have wanted a dog for as long as I could remember but while living with my parents this was not an option. Now I live on my own with roommates and I am finally able to get one. I have also been diagnosed with lung cancer so I am really looking for a dog that I can love unconditionally and that will help me get through this crazy time in my life.