English Bulldog Wanted

Contact Buyer
Laura Coughlin
Medford, OR
Gender Desired No Preference
Main Breed True
Interest Level
Delivery Method Pick-up
Time Period to Buy 1-3 Months
Property Type Apartment
Do you currently have dogs in the household?


Do you currently have children in the household


Does anyone in the household have allergies?

Yes - cat allergies

On average, how many hours a day will the dog be left home alone?

1 - 2 hours

Why do you or your family want a dog?

companion animal, My boyfriend has mental illness and needs some one to always be there that he can depend on, wile im working. plus he likes to go on walks and he would feel more comfortable with a companion along side. Plus we love animals and I've grown up with dogs my entire life and its driving me nuts not having a friend around the house.