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  • Picture of a Weimaraner Puppy
  • Picture of a Weimaraner Puppy
  • Picture of a Weimaraner Puppy
  • Picture of a Weimaraner Puppy
  • Picture of a Weimaraner Puppy

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The Weimaraner is a centuries old breed from Germany. They are pointers and retrievers that possess many talents. The Weimaraner is utilized in various capacities such as police work, search and rescue, and tracking. This breed is athletic and moderately large.
The Weimaraner is a versatile breed that has both the intellect and energy to accomplish almost anything. They are friendly, alert, and willing to please. The Weimaraner is muscular yet graceful in motion. They are generally gentle and protective companions.
The Weimaraner is happy and cheerful, highly intelligent and loving. They can be very willful and opinionated. This breed exhibits a truly unique personality. They are passionate and reliable. The Weimaraner prefers to live inside as a member of the family. They require companionship and attention and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. This breed gets along well with other dogs but not cats. They are not recommended for very young children or the elderly as they could easily knock them down. The Weimaraner is brave and loyal.
The Weimaraner's smooth, short coat is easy to care for. Brushing should be done with a firm bristle brush. They should only be bathed when absolutely necessary. They do well with occasional dry shampooing. They should have their feet and mouth inspected for damage after exercise or work sessions. The Weimaraner is prone to bloating, so small meals two times a day are best. They may suffer from hip dysplasia but are generally healthy.
The Weimaraner has a fine, short, sleek gray coat. The color ranges from a mouse gray to a silver gray. The distinctive color led to this breed being nicknamed the Silver Ghost or Gray Ghost. The Weimaraner's coat color is a rarity among dog breeds.
The Weimaraner is full of energy. They are eager to learn and please and are motivated by rewards such as treats or praise. This breed does not respond to harsh discipline and once mistrustful will avoid any and all further attempts of training. The Weimaraner excels at obedience, agility, hunting and showing.
The Weimaraner requires strenuous exercise and stimulation. They love to play ball, romp, hike, and hunt. They must have room to roam and be given many opportunities to release their energy. Therefore, a large yard is preferred and is best for them. They do not kennel well and are not a breed for owners who lead sedentary lifestyles. The Weimaraner must be given sufficient exercise to prevent them from becoming bored, barking excessively, or being destructive.
70-85 lbs
Male: 25-27; Female: 23-25 inches
Mouse-gray to silver-gray
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Expected Budget: Buying vs. Owning in 2022

Learn what to expect when researching the price of Weimaraner puppies.

How much do Weimaraner puppies cost?

The cost to buy a Weimaraner varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Review how much Weimaraner puppies for sale sell for below.

The current median price for all Weimaraners sold is $950.00. This is the price you can expect to budget for a Weimaraner with papers but without breeding rights nor show quality. Expect to pay less for a puppy without papers, however, we do not recommend buying a puppy without papers.

Looking for a dog with a superior lineage? Are you trying to determine how much a puppy with breeding rights and papers would cost? You should expect to pay a premium for a puppy with breeding rights or even for a puppy advertised as show quality with papers. You should budget anywhere from $1,600 upwards to $7,800 or even more for a Weimaraner with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. The average cost for all Weimaraners sold is $700.

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What can I expect to pay for a puppy?

Median Price: $950.00
Average Price: $700.00
Top Quality: $1,600.00 to $7,800.00

*Data sourced from the sale of 3755 Weimaraner puppies across the United States on NextDayPets.com.

Annual cost of owning a Weimaraner puppy

Before buying a puppy it is important to understand the associated costs of owning a dog. The annual cost or "upkeep" is often overlooked when determining a Weimaraners true ownership cost. When calculating your budget make sure you account for the price of food, vaccines, heartworm, deworming, flea control, vet bills, spay/neuter fees, grooming, dental care, food, training and supplies such as a collar, leash, crate, bed, bowls, bones, and toys. All of these items can add up quickly so make sure you estimate anywhere from $500 - $2,000 or more for the first year then about $500 - $1,000 or more every year thereafter to meet the annual financial obligations of your growing, loving dog.

Most Popular Weimaraner Names for 2022

We've compiled the top 20 male and female names for 2017 after analyzing the sale of 3755 Weimaraner dogs.
  • 1. Cinna
  • 2. Baby Boys
  • 3. Blue
  • 4. Morgan
  • 5. Tanner
  • 6. Bo
  • 7. Reece
  • 8. Duke
  • 9. Prentiss
  • 10. Jareau
  • 11. Molly
  • 12. Annie
  • 13. Hoss
  • 14. White
  • 15. Blue Girl
  • 16. Daisy
  • 17. Hotch
  • 18. Jack
  • 19. Katy
  • 20. Silver Boy

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Sire: Buck VonGlukenheimer; five years old and one of the most perfect weimers ever seen. He lives as one of our family members on our farm in Louisiana. We have one female(Bucky Anna's Fancy Girl). They both come from Glukenheimer Farm that was destroyed in hurricane Rita. Their puppies are of exceptional quality. I will be taking deposits for their next litter expected in late November. Call for additional photos of puppies etc. 337-825-9423nights 318-854-0454days

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Anonymous asked:
Can older weimaraners become aggressive?

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The Weimaraner breed is known for some behavioral faults that can attribute to unwanted behaviors such as separation anxiety, self injury, aggression, destruction of property, ect. This is well known in the breed but there are precluding factors including genetics, litter rearing, dominance, submission, boredom and stress. If your dog is showing aggression, the first thing you need to do is book a vet visit. Rule out any potential illnesses, pain, ect. If that is ruled out, then your next best thing is to contact a trainer that has worked with genetic aggression before and sign up for a class.

Anonymous asked:
We have had two Weims in the past and both had to be kenneled during the day, as we were away at work. Attempts to leave them in the house resulted in destructive behavior. We have just gotten a Weim puppy who is now 7 weeks old. We would love to raise him trained to be able to have free roam of the house without being destructive while we are away. Currently, we are kenneling him during the day, as he is not yet potty trained. How would you recommend training him to gradually be left alone in the house for extended periods while we are away?

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There are three things any dog needs to be comfortable in the house alone during the day. 1. Exercise, 2. Something to do. 3. Knowledge that you will be coming back. A tired dog, is a good dog and since you have had Weimaraners in the past, you know that they are an active breed of dog. Making sure your dog is tired is the number 1 way to keep your dog from being destructive while you are away. Giving your dog something such as a raw bone, kong, or puzzle toy with yummy treats in it to play with while you are gone is also a good idea. This gives your dog something to do while you are away. Lastly, working up slowly with the amount of time you are away so that your dog can get used to you being gone, but know that you are coming back. If it is always a long period of time every time you leave your Weim; then he/she will become distressed because they know you are not coming back for a long, long time. However, if you work with them slowly and allow them to build up the tolerance to you being away for different amounts of time; then it is not so bad for them when you leave for work all day. While your dog is still a puppy though, I would suggest having him/her go to a Doggy Day Care 2 - 3 times a week to help with socialization and exercise so he/she doesn't have to be crated for such a long period of time as a baby.

Anonymous asked:
How do I stop my 5 month old Weimaraner from attacking (playfully) children?



The Weimaraner is a very active, energetic, powerful, intelligent hunting dog. Their prey-drive is very high, which is what makes them such an excellent hunting companion. Your puppy is displaying that prey-drive by jumping, nipping and bounding into children. First off, all interactions between any children 14 years and younger should always be supervised. Secondly, at 5 months of age, your puppy can go through basic obedience classes through a positive reinforcement trainer to learn self control and basic commands. These commands you can use to socialize your puppy about the proper way to interact with children.


I agree with the above, BUT human children also need to be told not to run as a Weimaraner puppy will __playfully__ chase (and always catch) them. This is a teachable moment for all concerned, if you choose to take advantage of it.

Anonymous asked:
Should this dog breed be good living on a farm but still be a house dog?



The Weimaraner would do really well living in a rural area such as on a farm, but still be allowed to be indoors with the family. However, this breed is a hunting dog and they do follow their noses/ears. So even living on a farm, the dog should have a secured fenced in area to roam/play in. This breed also has a high prey drive, so loose farm stock like chickens, geese, ducks, and even cattle and horses can and will be chased for fun if the dog is not properly exercised/taught to leave the animals alone.


I beg to differ on the relationship with cats. We have Weimaraner's that live indoor with a cat. They live together like there is no difference between them. They just need to be raised with them.


Yes Weim's do well with cats when raised with them. I've had Weims and cats for the last 50yrs and have enjoyed the antic's they get into with each other both inside and outside, a regular comedy routine.


We have weims with cats, horses, ducks and chickens. All loose. Never a problem and our dogs hunt too. They are just trained . I know many many people with weims and cats.

Anonymous asked:
What and how is the best way to housebreak a Weimaraner and how many times a day should they eat?

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Using a positive reinforcement based training method is the fastest and easiest way to house-train your dog. Using the two hour method, meaning when you are at home you have the dog attached to you on a leash and have a timer set to go off every 2 hours. Take your puppy out and when they use the bathroom, praise and give them a treat. If you are out of the house, then crate your puppy so your pup can not have an accident while you are away. The Weimaraner breed should be fed twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

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