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  • Picture of a Miniature Bull Terrier Puppy
  • Picture of a Miniature Bull Terrier Puppy
  • Picture of a Miniature Bull Terrier Puppy
  • Picture of a Miniature Bull Terrier Puppy
  • Picture of a Miniature Bull Terrier Puppy
  • Picture of a Miniature Bull Terrier Puppy
  • Picture of a Miniature Bull Terrier Puppy
  • Picture of a Miniature Bull Terrier Puppy
  • Picture of a Miniature Bull Terrier Puppy
  • Picture of a Miniature Bull Terrier Puppy

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The Bull Terrier is a cross between the Bulldog and the Old English Terrier with a bit of Spanish Pointer in his bloodline. This breed originated in 1830 to attack bull in this sport of combat. They were soon replaced in 1850 with the White Cavalier and have since been used for many different things. The Bull Terrier has been used as a guard dog, a ratter, a herder, and a watchdog and does extremely well in all. The Miniature Variety of the Bull Terrier comes from the same origins as the Standard, but developed to retain a more manageable size.
The Miniature Bull Terrier has a very fiery personality and can be very feisty at times. This breed can be protective of his owner and territory giving off a fearless and brave presence. This breed should always have an experienced handler, as he can be very protective. The Miniature Bull Terrier should always have a dominant owner as this can escalate into aggression later in life if it is not handled at an early stage.
Lively, friendly, yet protective, this breed can be quite difficult at times. The Miniature Bull Terrier should not be left unsupervised around small children. This breed does well around other pets given the proper socialization, however should be supervised around smaller animals. The Miniature Bull Terrier can be somewhat combative around other animals, but if raised with them from puppy hood he can do exceptionally well.
Regular grooming is not necessary for this shorthaired breed. Occasionally brushing and combing should be sufficient to remove any loose hair from the Miniature Bull Terrier. A wipe down with a damp washcloth should also keep this breed fairly clean. The ears should be cleaned on a regular basis, and the nails should be clipped at least once every two weeks to keep them at a manageable length. A rub down with a specially made rubber glove should suffice and take care of many, if not all grooming aspects.
The Miniature Bull Terrier has a very short and flat coat. The coat should remain harsh to the touch and should always be glossy. The coat should be close lying and very tight. The skin of this breed should always be tight, never having wrinkles or saggy skin.
The Miniature Bull Terrier can be difficult to train and is not for the inexperienced. They can be willful and dominant making training a task. The handler must be firm, consistent, and always dominant to prevent problems. The Miniature Bull Terrier can be very stubborn so obedience classes are recommended at an early age to make training a little easier in the future.
The Miniature Bull Terrier is a fairly active breed and does best with at least a small yard. This breed enjoys long daily walks, however they do love a regular romp free, but should always be in a fenced area. This dog loves long walks and jogs with his owner. This breed should always have at least one hour of exercise per day to stay healthy and active and to prevent destruction.
25-33 lbs
10-14 inches
pure white, or any color to predominate
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Expected Budget: Buying vs. Owning in 2022

Learn what to expect when researching the price of Miniature Bull Terrier puppies.

How much do Miniature Bull Terrier puppies cost?

The cost to buy a Miniature Bull Terrier varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Review how much Miniature Bull Terrier puppies for sale sell for below.

The current median price for all Miniature Bull Terriers sold is $2,300.00. This is the price you can expect to budget for a Miniature Bull Terrier with papers but without breeding rights nor show quality. Expect to pay less for a puppy without papers, however, we do not recommend buying a puppy without papers.

Looking for a dog with a superior lineage? Are you trying to determine how much a puppy with breeding rights and papers would cost? You should expect to pay a premium for a puppy with breeding rights or even for a puppy advertised as show quality with papers. You should budget anywhere from $3,300 upwards to $6,500 or even more for a Miniature Bull Terrier with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. The average cost for all Miniature Bull Terriers sold is $1,300.

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What can I expect to pay for a puppy?

Median Price: $2,300.00
Average Price: $1,300.00
Top Quality: $3,300.00 to $6,500.00

*Data sourced from the sale of 942 Miniature Bull Terrier puppies across the United States on

Annual cost of owning a Miniature Bull Terrier puppy

Before buying a puppy it is important to understand the associated costs of owning a dog. The annual cost or "upkeep" is often overlooked when determining a Miniature Bull Terriers true ownership cost. When calculating your budget make sure you account for the price of food, vaccines, heartworm, deworming, flea control, vet bills, spay/neuter fees, grooming, dental care, food, training and supplies such as a collar, leash, crate, bed, bowls, bones, and toys. All of these items can add up quickly so make sure you estimate anywhere from $500 - $2,000 or more for the first year then about $500 - $1,000 or more every year thereafter to meet the annual financial obligations of your growing, loving dog.

Most Popular Miniature Bull Terrier Names for 2022

We've compiled the top 20 male and female names for 2017 after analyzing the sale of 942 Miniature Bull Terrier dogs.
  • 1. Ana
  • 2. Spud
  • 3. Tank
  • 4. Zoe
  • 5. Rocky
  • 6. Shadow
  • 7. Maximus
  • 8. Snow
  • 9. Bella
  • 10. Chloe
  • 11. Bruno
  • 12. Daisy
  • 13. Rex
  • 14. Rocko
  • 15. Rufus
  • 16. Brutus
  • 17. Dozer
  • 18. Spot
  • 19. Link
  • 20. Lola

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Breed Q & A

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Anonymous asked:
I have really bad social anxiety. I'm looking to get a support dog that is also compatible with my husband because he's allergic to animal dander. We would be putting the puppy through training courses for my anxiety. Would the Miniature Bull Terrier breed be a good fit for that?



In short, no. The Miniature Bull Terrier has not done well for a support dog that is going to be a full blown service dog (ie: out in public). If you are looking for just an emotional support dog, then it is possible. This Mini Bull Terrier is normally too small to be able to do the physical support necessary for a personal with anxiety (ie: DPT). They are also considered a reactive breed and so can have a tough time focusing on their owner when out in public. I would suggest a breed with a milder disposition that is hypoallergenic so that you can be 100% confident in your dog after he / she is trained when out in public. Now, not all Mini Bulls are difficult dogs, but they are known to be stubborn and reactive, which is why they are not typically used as a Service Dog.


My Bull Terrier, Jolly was a remarkable service dog. She traveled with me for work, behaved in crowds was just amazing.

Anonymous asked:
I have a full-size Bull Terrier who thinks she is queen sometimes. Do you think the mini would make her happy, as they are the same breed? Other than the size.

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If you have a Standard Bull Terrier that is pushy and has a bit of behavioral problems, it is probably best not to have another dog. Until you've done training with the one you have to fix the 'queen' behavior you are talking about; it is best to just have one dog. Bringing a puppy into the mix, the puppy can take after the adult dog and then you'll have two dogs with behavioral problems. Or, the dog could become aggressive towards your puppy, prompting your pup to become afraid of other dogs, or even fear aggressive. Start with training the one you have, and then if/when she gets along with other dogs and doesn't have behavioral problems; you can start thinking about getting a second dog.

Anonymous asked:
I run a lot and would like to have a dog to join me for parts of the runs , what's a good range for these dogs? I know it would need to start shorter distances like anyone, but are Miniature Bull Terrier's good for running?

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Anonymous asked:
I have a very friendly Cane Corso, he loves other dogs, but he is very big. Would a Mini Bull Terrier be a good fit in our family?

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The Cane Corso is a big, burly dog that when he/she plays, they play rough. They like to rough and tumble with other dogs and that's just the way they are. As for getting another dog, I would not suggest a Mini, but a standard Bull Terrier might work for your family. However, please remember you will then have two strong-willed, burly dogs that will not back down. Play fights can turn into real fights really quickly when two minds think alike. It may be a good idea to look into a Labrador Retriever, Siberian Husky, Australian Cattle Dog, or even the Black Mouthed Cur -- all are breeds that need lots of play time/exercise and should do well with a Cane Corso as a best friend.

Anonymous asked:
I was thinking of adding a female Miniature Bull Terrier to my dog family. I have a Boston, three Jack Russells, and two Borderjacks. All my dogs have an activity, agility, rally, flyball, etc. Is a Mini a dog that would enjoy something like these things?

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Oh yes, the Mini Bull Terrier is a spunky little dog that would have a blast doing agility, rally, flyball and any other dog sport you could throw at him. I think he would be a great little addition to your fur-family.

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