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  • Picture of a Maltese Puppy
  • Picture of a Maltese Puppy
  • Picture of a Maltese Puppy

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The Maltese is considered to be the oldest of the European Toy breeds. Nobles, royals, and aristocracy favored them. They are very well mannered and affectionate. The Maltese displays a graceful and regal demeanor.
The Maltese exudes great joy and delight. They are highly intelligent, animated, and playful. They are very social. They are happy and content being the center of attention whether they are with their family or in the show ring. This endearing breed is bright, loving, and a deeply devoted companion.
The Maltese is gentle, trusting, and obedient. They are typically good natured and amiable and love to be held and cuddled. They will tolerate other pets, but are not suitable for inconsiderate or ill-behaved children. They most often will establish a close bond with one person. They do not do well when left alone for extended periods of time. They may be over-protective of their owner, family, and territory, and bark or bite if they perceive a threat. They are a fearless, vigorous, and agile breed. The Maltese commit themselves fully to their owner and families.
The Maltese coat requires daily brushing and combing to prevent matting. The coat is extremely soft and silky, so gentle care is highly recommended. They need to be bathed or dry shampooed on a regular basis. The eyes need daily cleaning to prevent staining. It is also important to keep their ears clean and free from stray hair. They may be prone to eye problems, skin disorders, and respiratory problems. The Maltese do not do well in very hot climates or damp conditions. They may be finicky eaters and suffer indigestion. Dental hygiene is important to prevent tooth loss.
The Maltese has an elegant mantle of long, silky hair. The coat is straight, lacks an undercoat, and is pure bright white in color. They are non-shedding. Their luxurious cloak of white is the hallmark of the Maltese.
The Maltese may be difficult to housebreak so crate training is recommended. They do best with early socialization. Training must never be harsh in nature. It must be done with gentle love, consistency, reward, and patience. They are adept at learning tricks. The Maltese does not need extensive obedience training, as they are naturally obedient to their Master.
The Maltese does not require a high level of exercise. They are suitable for apartment or condominium living. They enjoy a daily walk, indoor play sessions, or a romp and run in a secured small yard. The Maltese loves to be social, so a play date at the park is always welcomed. They must be supervised and securely leashed.
4-7 lbs
9-10 inches
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Expected Budget: Buying vs. Owning in 2022

Learn what to expect when researching the price of Maltese puppies.

How much do Maltese puppies cost?

The cost to buy a Maltese varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Review how much Maltese puppies for sale sell for below.

The current median price for all Malteses sold is $1,577.00. This is the price you can expect to budget for a Maltese with papers but without breeding rights nor show quality. Expect to pay less for a puppy without papers, however, we do not recommend buying a puppy without papers.

Looking for a dog with a superior lineage? Are you trying to determine how much a puppy with breeding rights and papers would cost? You should expect to pay a premium for a puppy with breeding rights or even for a puppy advertised as show quality with papers. You should budget anywhere from $4,600 upwards to $10,000 or even more for a Maltese with top breed lines and a superior pedigree. The average cost for all Malteses sold is $1,200.

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What can I expect to pay for a puppy?

Median Price: $1,577.00
Average Price: $1,200.00
Top Quality: $4,600.00 to $10,000.00

*Data sourced from the sale of 19707 Maltese puppies across the United States on

Annual cost of owning a Maltese puppy

Before buying a puppy it is important to understand the associated costs of owning a dog. The annual cost or "upkeep" is often overlooked when determining a Malteses true ownership cost. When calculating your budget make sure you account for the price of food, vaccines, heartworm, deworming, flea control, vet bills, spay/neuter fees, grooming, dental care, food, training and supplies such as a collar, leash, crate, bed, bowls, bones, and toys. All of these items can add up quickly so make sure you estimate anywhere from $500 - $2,000 or more for the first year then about $500 - $1,000 or more every year thereafter to meet the annual financial obligations of your growing, loving dog.

Most Popular Maltese Names for 2022

We've compiled the top 20 male and female names for 2017 after analyzing the sale of 19707 Maltese dogs.
  • 1. Max
  • 2. Bella
  • 3. Angel
  • 4. Teacup Max
  • 5. Molly
  • 6. Casper
  • 7. Teddy
  • 8. Sugar
  • 9. Leo
  • 10. Precious
  • 11. Minnie
  • 12. Princess
  • 13. Daisy
  • 14. Snowball
  • 15. Dolly
  • 16. Martin
  • 17. Sophie
  • 18. Ashley
  • 19. Snowflake
  • 20. Latte

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Midis Maltese
Member Since: August 2006
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
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Midis is a small breeder of quality pet and show maltese with excellent lineage.Breeding foremost for good health, temperament,and to the AKC standard for size,quality,and conformation. Occasionally we have show and pet puppies available to good homes. Our pups are raised in home and are well socialized. House training is started on all puppies. Health gaurantee is also provided.

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Anonymous asked:
I purchased 2 Maltese puppies that were supposed to have the papers soon. It's a year later and I still haven't received the papers. I don't believe she has registered the litter. I do have the male's ACA registration number and the female's AKC registration number, but that's all I have. Neither organization has been very helpful. What is an unregistered Maltese worth to a registered Maltese? Thank you for your help. Debbie

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If you do not receive the proper registration paperwork at the time of getting your pup, you're most likely not going to get it. A proper responsible, respectable and knowledgeable breeder is not going to ignore you for a year. If you had planned on breeding the two dogs together and one is not registered, it will make the pups unregisterable. At that point you can only sell them as pet-quality pups and should go for about half of what a registerable pup goes for.

Anonymous asked:
What is the average size litter for a Maltese and how many times can a female be bred?

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The average litter size of a Maltese dog is between 2 - 5 puppies. Once your dog has reach full physical and mental maturity at 2 years old, your dog should have been fully health tested as well. It is good to give your female a heat in between each of her litters to allow her body to settle and recondition. Carrying, birthing and raising a litter of puppies is tough work. A good, well meaning breeder will cap their litters at 4 - 6 per female for a small breed dog. This way the female can still be spayed while relatively young and while she is still healthy and can enjoy the rest of her life puppy-free. This means you would have your female have her first litter at the age of 2 and have her spayed at either 6 - 8 years old if you gave her a heart in between each litter.

Anonymous asked:
Are Maltese ok to be alone during the work day?

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In short, no. The Maltese breed is very attached to his / her owner and they do not do well being alone all day. This breed is known to have some major behavioral issues if left alone for long periods of time over many days / weeks, ect. I would suggest having a friend, family member or possibly a doggy day care set up to take your dog for the day at least 2 - 3 days a week. This will ensure that your dog does not develop some behavioral issues such as obsessive barking, chewing on inappropriate items, OCD issues, becoming destructive ( digging, soiling, getting into places he / she is not supposed too such as the garbage ), and intense separation anxiety. Unfortunately, this breed is one of the top breeds known for abandonment in Australia and South Korea because of this breeds tendency to bark excessively when left alone and the owners are unable to curb that behavior while at work throughout the day.

Anonymous asked:
Are female Maltese easier to handle than a male?

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There are no differences in the genders of this breed. The personality and training put into the dog is going to be the factors that make a dog handle-able or not.

Anonymous asked:
Is the male or female Maltese a better behaved dog?

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Neither gender is better than the other. It is all in breeding, and socialization. You as the potential owner needs to do their research on a good breeder. Then make sure you train and socialize your puppy well and he/she will be a fine adult dog.

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