English Shepherd

Breed Group: Not AKC Recognized
Originating in England, the English Shepherd is a versatile working breed that is adept at performing a variety of tasks. They are highly skilled at herding sheep, cattle, pig, and poultry. English Shepherd's are also capable of watchdog duties, hunting, vermin eradication, and companion. This breed is considered to be uncommon and rare.

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The English Shepherd is of medium size, well-balanced, agile, and courageous. They are built for speed, are muscular, sturdy, and possess great stamina. Ever alert, this breed exhibits a high degree of intelligence.

Does your English Shepherd bark, howl, and cry whenever you leave the house? Separation anxiety is extreme anxiety experienced by your dog when you are away from him.
The English Shepherd breed is not recommended for first time or inexperienced owners. They are fearless, affectionate, loyal, and devoted. They have a tendency to form a close attachment to one particular family member. The English Shepherd is good with children, dogs, and other household pets they have been raised with. English Shepherd's are wary and suspicious of strangers and will guard and protect their family, property, and territory.
Regular brushing is recommended for the English Shepherd breed. Bathing should only be done when absolutely necessary. This breed has a very low incidence of Hip Dysplasia.

If your dog is displaying behavior uncharacteristic of his normal actions, call the Vet.
The English Shepherd is a double coat breed. The outer coat is moderately coarse, long, straight, or slightly wavy. The under coat is dense, fine, and soft.
The English Shepherd is willing and eager to please. Early socialization and obedience is a must. They require a dominant handler, but will not respond to harsh or heavy-handed methods. Training must be done with firmness, fairness, patience, and consistency. Teaching your dog to sit, lie down, and stay is vital to the training of your new puppy. There are several accepted methods of house training your new English Shepherd puppy. Consider crate training if you need to adapt your dog to a safe and confined environment for various safety and comfort reasons.
English Shepherd's are not recommended for city or apartment living. They must have a rural setting with ample acreage to roam, run, and work. The English Shepherd requires an inoridante amount of physical exercise and mental stimulation. Socialization is one of the single most important things you can do for your puppy.
Male: 45-70; Female: 40-50 lbs
Male: 19-24; Female: 18-21 inches
Black, black and white, black and tan, sable and white. May be tri-colored or solid.



Grooming Needs:⬛⬛⬛⬜⬜⬜⬜

Exercise Needs:⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛

Good With Dogs:⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛

Watchdog Ability:⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛

English Shepherd Questions

I don't have papers for my girl but she is an English Shepherd and I am wanting to breed with a Australian Shepherd. How much would the pups sell for???

Please do not breed your dog, it is safer and much better for your dog to be spayed and live out her life as your beloved pet. Unless you are breeding to better a breed by health testing, conformation shows, and strict breeding standards; please do not breed your dog.

Are these English Shepherd's good with 10 and 9-year-old kids?

Yes, English Shepherds are great with nine and ten-year-olds! My younger sister was four when we got our English Shepherd Oliver and he got along just fine with her. And yes, they shed a lot, so that's why we have him shaved at the beginning of the summer or spring.

I just adopted a mix breed dog that appears to be most closely related to an English Shepherd. Can you provide basic care info. i.e. feeding requirements, quantity, frequency etc.?

Lot's of exercise! Twice daily and you'll have a happy dog. Otherwise, you might have misbehavior. English Shepherd's are a great breed - loyal, smart, obedient.

I recently adopted a puppy and am trying to assess her breed. The adoption lady thought she was... I recently adopted a puppy and am trying to assess her breed. The adoption lady thought she was an Australian Shepherd/Rottweiler mix, but the more I learn about English Shepherds, the more I think she might be one. The only thing that is different about her than the other English Shepherds I've seen is that she seems to be a bit smaller. I adopted her at 7 weeks and she weighed 3.8 pounds. She is now just over 10 weeks and she weighs 7.2 pounds. Is it possible for her to be this small and to be an English Shepherd? My guess is that she might be an English Shepherd mix. What is the average weight for English Shepherds at 10 weeks? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

English Shepherds are great dogs! We have 2 that live with us inside of course but during the day, they keep a close eye on the feral cats they've come to love. Gentle with kids too. Only things that are at risk- tennis balls and plastic jugs. Oh yes, treats too.
Really, such loyal and happy dogs. My rescue just turned 9. We've had her 3 years.
Her 1st mommy still checks on her. I can tell how much she's missed there. Don't know the whole story BUT we got a great girl!!!!! She is, without a doubt, Mine now & forever.
That's how much love an ES can have on you. Pure love. Great pups!

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