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Dog Associations & Clubs
  • Afghan Hound Breed History Website

    Afghan Hound Breed History Site 100's of articles on breed history free

  • Biewer Club Canada

    The BCC provides the opportunity for Canadian Biewer enthusiasts to organize and work together towards for the preservation, protection and promotion of this wonderful toy breed.

  • Canis Lupus Vita

    Canis Lupus Vita

  • Designer Breed Registry

    The Designer Breed Registry is a registry that not only offers registration to all designer dogs, purebred dogs and dogs of unknown origin the registry also offers the opportunity to title all dogs in conformation/show and obedience.

  • Free Range Chihuahuas

    AKC Reg. Chihuahuas

  • New Guinea singing Dog International

    NGSDI is an organization dedicated to the New Guinea singing Dog. We handle Conservation, breeding, rescue, education, and pedigree services for this rare and primitive breed.

  • R-N-D Kennels

    Quality AKC rough coat collies

  • South African Canine Breed Registry

    The SACBR is an Open studbook Registry that register and issue Kennel Names for the responsible Breeder and Pet Owner, we conform dogs that are purebred even if not registered with an pen conformity registered Pedigree.

  • The Dachshund Appreciation Society

    The Dachshund Appreciation Society exists to bring you the very best content, information, videos and pictures of dachshunds from around the world and around the web. We celebrate dachshunds - come celebrate with us, and our thriving on line community,