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Registered boxers of sound mind, body & soul. Here at Briarbush boxers, we have been involved with the boxer breed since 1990. As of 2006 we became a kennel, and we are proud of it. You are always welcome to check us out; we do request that you contact us for an appointment.

Breed education is important to all future and current owners, as well as; self education on nutrition, vaccines and the toxins we could un-knowingly subject our loved one to. (This includes 4 & 2 legged kinds.)

Interesting educational boxer related links:

American Boxer Club- www.americanboxerclub.org

Boxer World- www.boxerworld.com

Barfing boxers by Bri- www.njboxer.com


American Kennel Club www.akc.org

United Kennel Club www.ukcdogs.com

And don't forget- The boxer is really a working/guard breed, highly intelligent and easily bored. They are full of life, very confident and the family comedian, so you had better have a sense of humor - once a boxer owner, always a boxer owner...That is my belief.

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