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Our names are Esteban and Edna Moreno. Edna is from Virginia and I am from Spain. We meet 12 years ago while instructing at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Below is a description of our beloved Spanish Mastiffs.

The Spanish Mastiff is sometimes referred to as the Mastin de la Mancha, Mastin Espanol, Mastin de Extremadura or Mastin de Leon and it is native to the Estremadura region of Spain and it is a member of the Molosser family. Its origins have been thought to date back to 2000 years B.C. It is likely that these dogs were introduced to the Iberian peninsula by Phoenecian traders bringing them from Syria or India. This large and powerful breed has been used as a livestock guardian for both sheep and cattle, they are also kept as a companion dog. The Spanish Mastiffs are calm and steady in their temperament. They are loyal and affectionate to their owners and protective of people and property when it is required and wary and suspicious of strangers. The Mastin Espanol is ferocious against the wolf and other preditors.

It is a stocky, compact dog, well balanced and agile. It stands 28" to 32"or more, and its coat is not long, but fine and dense, soft to the touch, along with a strong tail, well feathered.

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