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The puppies we sell are the offspring of our pets. We control the breeding of our dogs through the use of confinement when necessary; allowing not more than one litter per year per dame. We make it a point to visit with our huskies on a daily basis often playing with them and taking them for walks. 

You may be familiar with the term "Backyard Breeder". There are people in the world that will tell you to avoid any animals that are bred and raised for pure pleasure. We have an opinion and like all opinions and advice, you are welcome to either take heed or disregard. If you are looking for a pet; it is our opinion that you obtain a pet from a loving home. A place where animals are loved and receive the appropriate care needed to keep them happy and healthy. However, if you are looking for an animal with a champion bloodline, we suggest looking for a breeder that provides the same tender loving care to animals with a pedigree that suits your needs.

It must be mentioned that we do question the environment a puppy will be provided, as well as the knowledge a new owner has about Siberian Huskies. We have and will refuse to sell puppies to some individuals due to their lack of knowledge or poor environment. We do not sell to pet stores!

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