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Arizona working Dog Academy offers Belgian Malinois puppies, trained dogs, and stud service.

Arizonas Loff is an excellent sire for any planned upcoming Belgian Malinois Breeding.

Weight: Aprx 65lbs.

Prey Drive: He has very strong prey drive

Ball Drive: Very high ball drive. Will grip the ball strongly as well.

Hunt Drive: Nice Hunt Drive. Very calm and determined

Food: Medium Food Drive

Bite Work: Strong, crushing grips, not hectic or nervous. Very powerful male.


Belgian Malinois stud service fee for Loff is $1,500.00 or perhaps pick of the litter puppy. We can also arrange artificial insemination. Loff is 26″ at the shoulder blade with a medium mahogany colored coat. You can leave your female here at our facility for the entire mating process, or if you live local and are confident where your female is in her heat cycle we can do a live mount every few days, and you take the female home with you after each session.

In conformation Loff's body structure is strong with muscular and powerful hind legs, his stance is solid and uniform enabling a straight upright positioning on his paws.

Loff is a multi purpose working Belgian Malinois who has been trained for personal protection, and as an assistant dog for a handler who uses a wheelchair. Loff has a strong powerful bite, and super charged prey drive combined with the ability and desire to help his handler by retrieving dropped items such as the telephone, and car keys.

Loff will by command leave his handlers side to peruse, bite, and take down any full grown man. Loff is comfortable with both frontal and rear attacks, and will maintain his bite until given the out command. Once the out command is given Loff will guard and escort the perpetrator to any location of the handlers choosing.

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