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The problem is not the look of a dog,the problem is the energy level or hyperness and barking of the dog.Our dogs are not WORKING dogs.A working dog NEEDS a job to do and most German Shepherd/Shilohs are Working dogs. I have selected the best of many breeds to breed into my lines.My goal;the best companion dog that anyone could ever want.not hyper dog,not a barker but a dog that was nice to have around.A family companion dog.The Health is the next issue.Fact is that purebreds are saturated with health issues because they breed back into themselves concentrating problems.I outcross into healthy stock that will continue to keep our lines healthy.Why do mixed breeds live longer? The look was the last thing i concentrated on. Our dogs are beautiful Rare Silver Wolf Grays which look simular to the Shiloh or GSD.REGISTERED NASC.For more information Google Alsatian Shepalutes.

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