Shi Tzu Pekinese, Pug, Mix...

Shi Tzu Pekinese, Pug, Mix...

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QUOTE 1/31/2013 2:29:11 AM
This pic is dark I know but anyway, This is the dog I was taking care of. You know, like Foster care for a couple months and he just put so much life back into me. You see, I had a Shepard Colly mix that passed away about two yehis ars ago and it was devastating! She was 15 and had been hypothyroid most of her life. Well after about a year or so I started to feel like I was ready to have another dog. In the mean rime I broke my back and am disabled, well a long story. Anyway I've been looking for a puppy like this one here that was perfect for me and just made such a big difference in my life. Now that I had him for the time I did I am really ready to have a dog of my own! So I am looking. This one is full grown and I had no problem walking him at all. I just would really want to start with a puppy to train and do everything myself. So this is most of my story and I hope this will be a good place to start the search for my new family member. Thank you,Lin

I wish I could have brightened the pic up but I couldn't find a sight to do it right now. Also I didn't know where to put this... My Email is or, I don't usually connect anything I do with Facebook.

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