Need large dog that can protect and run with me

Need large dog that can protect and run with me

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QUOTE 8/19/2012 11:37:26 AM
Hello all.

Im looking for a breed, the larger the better. That is a good protector, and just as important, is agile enough to run beside more or run beside my bike.

Need these traits, all if i can.

* Will protect me and family

* Enough energy to enjoy playing games (fetch :P) and running for his/her daily exercise....running wont be every day,im not superman, but some days for daily workouts id like to take it for a run.

* Trainable

* Loyal

* Doesnt mind being scratched, but doesn't require it 8 hours a day.

* Doesnt need a ton of grooming maintenance

* Fearless

I live in an apartment, theres a small yard area thats gated, will 2 small patches of grass. Will be able to go in and out of the apt as it pleases.But for daily walks theres a huge grassy area in my apt complex where we can do as we please.

Used to site that tried to match a dog for me.

And it picked the Akita.

Would a dogo argentino be a good match for me?

I don't know all of the breeds there are. Ive only had experience with Rottweilers , Pitbulls, Poodles and a few mixed unidentifiable breeds.

Thanks for any help.


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QUOTE 8/19/2012 3:28:39 PM
 I would NOT reccommend an Akita. They are very aggressive toward small animals and will pull you off your bike to get at a squirrel, cat or other dogs. I would recommend either a  standard schnauzer , queensland heeler or an austrailian sheperd.  They are midsized dogs but are also used for personal protection. They are not barkers so will do well in an apartment. They are not touchy feely dogs who fall apart when you leave.

   Many police departments in Europe us schnauzers as theya re an athletic breed but not crazy. They do require some mantenance but nothing a novice can't handle. They do not shed aas much as the other two.

 The Austrailian Shepherd is a gentle dog with peo,le it knows and a fearless watchdog if needed. Barry Burglar won't mess with you. The have a lionger coat that can be kept trimmed or just brushed out. They make great personal protection dogs as they are not sharp like a shepherd. By that I mean they don't go out of their way to eat an intruder. They may just knock him down and sit on him until the police get ther. Less chance for a lawsuit over your "vicious dog".

 Queenslands are ideal dogs for protection as well. No cowboy with a queensland on thier truck worries about the other things on the truck disappearing. They just look at the bad guy and that is enough to helop them choose another target. but if needed, those teeth are very sharp and can hold the bad guy down so you can pee in his face if you want to. 

 An ideal protection dog is friendly with new people you let in the front door. However, if that nice man decides to come in without being authorized he is in for a surprise. If that idiot stalker wants to target you, he will change his mind pronto. If that stray dog comes charging after you on your bike or your run. He will be detered without you being dragged down the road.  And they are all very smart.

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QUOTE 8/19/2012 3:48:57 PM
Dobermans are the only breed of dog bred specifically to be a personal protection dog. I cant belive the site didnt suggest a doberman. VERY low shed easy to keep clean breed. High energy to run and play .. plop at your feet in the house. extremely SMART LOYAL Affectionate breed. European working bloodlines are temper tested and HIGHLY trainable dependable and wont take off on you on your runs.

In terms of temperament, the AKC standard only states that the dog must be “energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient”. The FCI standard, however, goes to a greater length, stating:

“The disposition of the Doberman is friendly and calm; very devoted to the family, it loves children. Medium temperament and medium sharpness (alertness) is desired. A medium threshold of irritation is required with a good contact to the owner. Easy to train, The Doberman enjoys working, and shall have good working ability, courage and hardness. The particular values of self confidence and intrepidness are required, and also adaptability and attention to fit the social environment”.

This reflects the value placed on the Doberman's roles as both working and family dog, and emphasizes the importance of character and temperament tests for breeding, which is mandatory in most parts of Europe


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QUOTE 8/22/2012 5:02:57 PM
Thanks for the input, i'll look into this :)


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QUOTE 8/23/2012 10:19:45 PM
look i've trained dogs for 20+years ive been in search and rescue training there dogs as well as personal protection and i did a movie and radio show the breed  you want isnt a breed at at all go to a rescue look interact find the one that fits you there are a lot of good breeds but the dobbies as the last guy pointed out aint it after 2.5 years there skull doesn't grow but there brain does so they can become unpredictable i would suggest a lab for family dog or Terri something maybe in the bull category  i myself have seen and interacted with all sorts of dogs and no of which can be put in a class of this ones has this kind of attitude or temperament its like saying all black people are stupid or all whites are raciest or all korens  are good at math.the fact is you can only find out the general size the grooming needs and medical hangups the rest is based loosely on what they were used  for back in the day or breed to do.(did you know that theDachshund  was raised to kill badgers)  so with the right training any dog can do anything even saw a jack Russel Terri take down a full grown bull 750lbs that bull weighed any ? just ask 

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QUOTE 8/24/2012 12:20:53 AM
OMG How can you push such a stupid myth Doberman brains do NOT keep growing and explode. that is TOTAL BS. I have owned and bred dobermans 28 years NEVER has ones brain kept growing. I have 12 and 15 year olds !! ALL dogs decesnd from wolves have you ever heard of ANY dogs brains exploding !! UNREAL. European dobermans are temperment tested VERY VERy carefully. as with any breed. you must look at the pedigree and see if its a working line ( bred for certain traits , characteristics and temper tested. ) or a show line ( bred just for a look like english bulldogs and many small breeds for companion). Personally I would NOT get a mutt with small children. pure breds are bred for certain traits. again your list of wants says doberman all over it.. white lined dobermans are unpredictable and are only in american bloodlines. wobbler syndrom is in SOME blood lines and causes the disk to swell and they wobble litterally  and shake again very know problem in certain bloodlines.

Knowledgeable Doberman people merely shake their heads in wonderment at the total lunacy of these claims of EXPLODING brains. Any dog of any breed (just like any person) may possibly develop brain tumors or other brain disorders, and brain/neurological problems could have temperament-related symptoms. Perhaps a situation like this gave rise to the "exploding brain" myth - we can only guess. Dobermans are no more predisposed to brain cancer or aneurisms than any other breed or mix-breed. And any dog, if abused, could certainly display aggression toward its abuser, even if that abuser is its owner. But common sense should lead people to dispel these blanket, ridiculous assertions.

doberman were derived from terriors for loyalty( the spuds mckenzie dog), rotts, great danes, the german pinscher, and the usa lines have grey hound for speed and refinment. SERIOUSLY how many of these breed have exploding heads .. redicious!! all dogs are from wolves every breed. this just does not happen. stupid myth to discriminate against a wonder breed. .

 so your basically saying all my dogs over 2 and a half are unpredictable talk about pushing hate and rascism!!

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QUOTE 8/24/2012 9:47:53 PM
I agree a giant schnauzer is a good breed to consider, as long as you are seriously going to be able to exercise  your dog on a mostly daily basis. A bored, unstimulated  dog is a destructive unhappy dog.

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QUOTE 8/25/2012 1:38:07 PM
 A standard schnauzer is a mid sized dog and also a great protection dog.  I like dobes too but they are a very smart breed and a smart dog with no guidance becomes destructive.

 I have an AKC registered chihuahua who is the best cattle dog in the country. She looks like a jack mix to me but her papers... This summer many stock dogs gave up because of the ehat. Cindy was out there gathering and herding like a maniac. We had to physically pick her up and stuff her in the truck to get her to slow down.

  Golden retrievers are usually very trainable but back in the 1990s one was turned into the Castaic California dog pound as destructive, untrainable menace. You can see him on full house and in the movie FLUKE. He is awesome. It was the idiot owners who did not know how smart their dog was.

 I agree you can find some real daimonds in the rough at the local shelter/rescue. Just stay away from dogs bred to kill other animals (AKITA), or fight. 

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QUOTE 8/28/2012 9:02:31 PM
I would recommend a German Shepherd. They are definitely loyal, pretty freaking big and they seem to fit all the characteristics you want to find in a pup, but they do shed A LOT. They are also really big and do need quite a bit of exercise but since you have a big back yard that shouldn't be a problem.

I third (fourth?) the shelter idea, though. You can find a dog that fits you to a T there if you just give him or her a chance. Good luck with your search!

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QUOTE 8/29/2012 10:29:36 AM
 Most Germans Shepherds are too active for an apartment. A medium sized dog would be more comfortable living in a  smaller size home.  The breeds to stay away frm are the siberian husky, malamute, akita, pit bull and similar dogs that were bred for fighting or hard labor.
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