wondering what breed this is-

wondering what breed this is-

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QUOTE 3/2/2010 9:57:54 PM
ive seen this type of dog on more than one occasion, on tv and in real life. im not sure if its just a very lucky mixbreed, or if its a purebreed. this is how i would describe it-

-pure white, medium length fur (much like a smooth collie)

-slender, pointed snout (kind of like a smooth collie)

-black nose and eyelids, dark eyes

-docked ears (like doberman)

-tall, slender and deep chested (like doberman)

-same size as a large lab

-long, slightly fluffy tail

does this sound like any breed any of you have heard of? id love to know. theyre beautiful dogs, and i would like to eventually get one.

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QUOTE 3/22/2010 4:19:22 PM
It sounds like a Smooth Fox Terrier except for the size.  There's a picture at www.dogbreedinfo.com but it says they only get up to about 20 pounds.  So not the size of a large Lab at all.  It kind of sounds like a Greyhound too.  Everything I can think of, though, fits all but one or two of the traits you mentioned.  I can't think of anything that has everything you described.

Do you know what shows/movies you've seen them in?  It would be much easier to help you identify the breed with a photo.

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