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QUOTE 12/9/2009 11:08:11 AM
We are a family of 6 ( 4 kids) looking for a family pet. We live in a suburb with warm summers, cold winters. Our dog would be an indoor dog. My children are aged 9, 12, 15, and 21. My husband is retired, so the dog would rarely be left alone.

We are a fairly active family, and I would like my dog to be a jogging companion from time to time as well.

We can tolerate moderate shedding, but nothing excessive.

Do you think a boxer would be a good choice for our family?

Any other breed suggestions?



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QUOTE 12/9/2009 12:44:36 PM
Have you considered the Miniature Australian Shepherd?  They range in size from the toy which is under 13", to the Mini, which is 13" - 18".  Weight on the mini's ranges from about 15 lbs to 40 lbs.  They make
wonderful indoor family dogs - very loyal, protective, very intelligent
and very trainable.  Inside, they are couch potatoes - outside they are
energetic.  They seem to mirror the energy level of their owners.  They
are not wanderers, and like to stay close to home and want to be
wherever their family is.  They are not barkers, but are excellent lap
warmers.  They are not as high energy as other herding breeds, and they
seem to be content even without herding responsibilities.  They do like
to have a job, though.  Some of them help to gather up sticks in the
yard.   Some just gather up dirty socks in the house...  They get along
well with other dogs and cats, but can sometimes be a little
standoffish with strangers.  Good luck in making your choice.

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