I live in a large 2BDR APT. I want a big semi lazy dog

I live in a large 2BDR APT. I want a big semi lazy dog

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QUOTE 11/21/2009 11:23:30 AM
No question I want a female dog, however I'm not sure what breed to get. I'm fairly active. I work out at the gym, and would enjoy maybe going running with the dog? Hiking? Winter would suck though, but I'd have to do it anyway. (that's the joy of being a parent, having a dog, etc. right?)

Anyway, I want a dog so bad and my partner is at 50% on the idea. I have long wanted a dog since I was a child. I recently even had a few dreams about having a dog here at this 2 brd apt.

Advice? Just to throw out some breeds i Love are:


Great Date (the wote spotted ones with pink noses) so cute!

American Eskimo


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QUOTE 11/21/2009 4:02:09 PM
Great Dane!!!  They are great for apartments.  They have a good amount of energy & like to roughhouse.  They are also perfectly content to spend the day on the couch!  They learn quickly, too.
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