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First Dog

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QUOTE 8/2/2009 11:49:50 PM
Tryin to make a decision on what dog to get. I want a large dog with energy to play, but will also sit and lay with me. Also want the dog to be good with people and other dogs. I was thinkin of a lab but just wanted to get some other suggestions of different breeds. Thanks

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QUOTE 8/3/2009 4:35:00 AM
How much time do you have to run, walk and play with this dog each day? Are you home most of the day or are you gone most of the day?  How much shedding are you willing to deal with?  When you say run and play are you meaning hook up a lead and run for six miles and come home and play catch or do you mean run around the back yard and play fetch?  How much time and energy to you have to train the dog and are you willing and able to take it to puppy classes? How about food and poop.  How do you feel about feeding several cups of food and big piles of poo?  Why all the questions? Because there are a number of "big" dogs that may fit what you need, but its hard to answer your question based just on the info you've provided so far.  :)
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