preggy dog

preggy dog

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QUOTE 9/17/2012 3:22:25 PM
hi,im jm i have a 7months cross breed dog from a maltese and white terrier...

and she got her period last august by then the vet said that after her period finish she can make love...and i bring a male dog and they joined i just want to know how many months does it take before she deliver her puppies???pls.someone tell me.thank you....

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QUOTE 9/17/2012 9:30:55 PM
So is your dog 7 months or a year and 7 months?  Either way, you are a freaking (and you know I would like to say the other word) IDIOT!!!!!!!!  You don't just put two dogs together and think that is "DOG BREEDING".  You are why Animal Rights Activists and Rescue Nuts have a problem with people breeding dogs. 

You are the example of when they complain.

I would give you all the information that you need.... and you need a lot, but

1)I don't think you deserve it  2) I want to be compensated for wasting my time giving it to you.

I feel bad for you dog.  Lets just all hope she DIDN'T get pregnant and all ends well.


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QUOTE 9/18/2012 1:42:11 AM
 I resent when breeders lump rescues in with idiots like this. We deal with this ilk all the time. The people who thought they wanted thier kids to see the miracle of birth. Finbe then finish the lesson and bring them to a larger dog pound where barrels of dead dogs are loaded on a truck every day because there are no homes and no room for those dogs.

 To my first friend who posted the  inquiry, welcome to the land of "backyard breeders". Please contact a good vet and ask about a caesarian section. Things like the cost, the proceedure, the risks. Best to be prepared. Get yourself a puppy nursing bottle and have him/her show you how to bottle feed those puppies. The mom was knocked out for the surgery and the pups will be groggy. Mom will not have eaten the afterbirtht o stimulate milk production so may not have much milk the first few days, if at all. 

 Most dogs drop their pups at 62-65 days after they are bred. Have a quiet place with NO KIDS    prepared for her. It should be a place she is comfortable in. Keep your children away during and after the births. Some mom dogs will eat or chew on their babies if they feel threatened. You too shoulld stay away if she is doing fine. She should pop a puppy every hour.  If she goes more than a few hours without having the baby, it may be stuck. Time for a trip to the vet. No, it cannot wait til morning.

 Once the pups are here, keep the area quiet. Again, no kids for awhile. Let mom and babies rest in peace so she can get to the task of cleaning and feeding the babies.  Ome people use towels in a box or newspapers in a box for bedding. Either way, you will need to change them without upsetting mom. She may become aggressive and protective of the pups. This is also normal. Just try to work with her . When she goes out for a potty break, then switch the bedding.

 When the pups are about 2 weeks old you will need to worm them. Use something gentle like pyrantel. Ask your vet for the dosage. I now your dog does not have worms but somehow the puppies always do. You will be worming them every 2 weeks. Many breeders give a bordatella intranasal vaccine at 4 weeks. Again ask your vet what he/she recommends. Some recommend the first dhpp shot at 5 weeks, others at 6 weeks.  They can do it for you or you can ask them to show you how the first time and can do the rest yourself.  You will also need to trim thier nails so mom's breats are not scratched up while nursing. They will need to be done every two weeks while you are worming the pups.

 When the pups are about 3 weeks old you can START weaning them. Again ask your vet what he/she prescibes as a starter food. Some use human baby food mixed with water. Some prefer puree of puppy kibble moistened with goat's milk.  The mom should keep the babies clean but if not, get some baby wipes and gently wipe the food they are wearing off them. Gradually incrrease the amount of food until they are 7 weeks old. By then most moms stop nursing.  Yours may decide to stay with the pups or she may choose to leave them alone except for at feeding time.  

 Take pictures and post them on the internet or in your local paper. These pups are something you should be proud to show as a potential pet. Next day pets is a good place to advertise and it is only $19.99 a month. Prepare your children to say good bye. Hopefully now you will be getting calls on the pups.

  If you do not have success placing them at 8 weeks, prepare to keep them and continue their medical routine until you do. That means bi weekly DHPP vaccinations and worming.  They will be messy from about 6 weeks onward as mom is now tired of cleaning up after them. Don't make the mistake of being lax in the sanitation department. Pups get coccidia and giardia very easily. Both can cause major problems and big vet bills. 

 Welcome to the world of "dog breeders" After your experience you may want to look up the local spay clinic. Keep track of your expenses including your "wages" at $7 an hour. See how much you made raising pups and you will see why it is best left to the professionals like beagle brat. 

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QUOTE 9/19/2012 5:00:28 PM
im not an idiot!!!! and i didnt make a dog breeding i said that my dog is a cross breed dog and its clear in my post that she was 7months old and pregnant and im just asking how long it will take before she deliver anyway thanks for your nice comment and my friends are right that this nextdaypets are not realible i just waste my kathystone is very rude

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QUOTE 9/19/2012 5:03:37 PM
IM NOT IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!

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QUOTE 9/19/2012 7:16:12 PM
 First Preggy? Second a dog is not " on her period" she comes in heat. It is exactly the opposite of humans. Then you asked the vet about breeding and YOU put a male dog in with her so they would have babies. A 7 month old dog is like an 11 year old girl. Would you ask your daughter to get "preggy" at that age? I sure hope not!  There are enough mixed breed pups ion the world. And you are adding to it! Go look at your local dog pound and see all the sweet faces looking for a home. Leave dog breeding to the professionals who know what they're doing and get your dog spayed so she can have a happy healthy life. And I still say it is people who are so ignorant and stupid they breed a dog at 7 months that qualifies them for the  hall of idiots. Sorry if that offends you but so be it.

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QUOTE 9/27/2012 10:24:11 PM
well shame on you for purposely breeding a 7 month old toy breed dog.  And dont knock NDP, you will find good well informed (Unlike yourself) breeders who care about the health and quality of dogs they produce and sell here. 

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QUOTE 9/30/2012 5:04:29 PM
how many million times do i need to post that i didnt make a breeding huh,well i just asked for how long it will take before she deliver her puppies,you just simply give me an answer not those damn insult i dont need that and i dont care at all anyway,i dont need to explain my side and as of now my dog just got her ultrasound from my personal vet and shé's goin to have 7puppies and not to mention that my dog is healthy and perfect as she got the perfect match as the doctor was the one who give me a male dog...for the joining...

is it stupidity to believe in a propesional vet???i dont think so...


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QUOTE 10/1/2012 4:43:52 PM
 If I can understand your rendition of english, you stated your dog was " on her period" and you asked the vet when you should put a male in with her. you did and they "joined". Your words. So you want to know how long is the gestation period. Why not ask you "perfeshunal vet". An ultra sound? Good for you! Lot's of money! Gets me right here in the funny bone to think you would be talked into an ultrasound.

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QUOTE 10/21/2012 4:33:15 PM
thanks god!!!

im so happy my baby girl got five cute puppies and all are in good health...

so i dont think im idiot...

so as of now i have 4dogs and 5puppies im so blessed for having a lot of wonderful creatures in my life...


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QUOTE 10/30/2012 6:38:32 PM
I agree with kathystone and dihart, we are just soooo glad you have so many mouths to feed.

I am sure they all will have a wonderful life in some wonderful, clean shelter and will have lots of babies themelves. We are all just beyond joyful for your good fortune. You should sell them, I understand "designer" dogs go for thousands of dollars.

Too bad some of us pitiful, stupid breeders have to study over pedigrees for weeks and pay huge sums of money to use the Champion studs...such a waste of time and money when we could just raise perfect dogs like you do.

Good luck
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