Outrageous vet bills

Outrageous vet bills

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QUOTE 3/19/2012 1:25:46 PM
 Recently I have heard about a rash of vets who  are raping their customers with outrageous fees. They must be fresh from vet school and had have huge student loans to pay off or something.

 Here is an example. A dog with a skin rash. Scratching some but not really digging at himself. They did Bloodwork(?), took x-rays (?), skin scraping which showed nothing. Gave the owner some Kelichor shampoo 8 ounces, and gave the dog an "allergy" shot. Total bill $500! The dog kept on scratching. I asked about flea treatment and was told by the owner the vet did not prescibe flea treatment. I recommended Comfortis as it gets everything including the mites left by the birds who are eating the dog's food. Guess what?! Three days later no more scratching!

 Second case: Dog has "diarhea" with blood in it. These poor peole got the dog from a dog pound. Yes, could be Parvo. Snap test said not parvo. Vet hospitalized the dog FOR A WEEK!. The vet did not do any sort of fecal to check for worms. The bill for a week of "fluids and observation" was $1500! and the dog still had bloody diarhea. Pancake batter stools. The dog was active. They took it to another vet and he checked the stool. Hookworms. So comomon that you can almost be 100% sure a kennel dog will have them.

Third case:  Dog goes in for a spay. Dog had had 3 sets of dhpp shots and was on heartworm meds regularly. After bloodwork to see if the dog was "fit" for a spay, this 6 month old puppy was diagnosed with Hepatitis and euthanized. Owner comes to pick up her dog from the clinic and was told by the receptionist the dog died on the table. However, the vet claimed that was not the case and the bloodwork showed hepatits so he was monitoring the dog and it suddenly keeled over. He had already disposed of the body. However, there was a bill for $2100! 

 I am serious! What is going on with the veterinary profession that these people can rob the public and then blame the breeders. Not only are they overcharging but the are missing the diagnosis on many occassions. The bird mites are real common in any areas where straw is used for  bedding in dog houses. The mites are so small they do not show up on skin scrapings because they burrow inder the skin so deep and lay their eggs. The dog won't start scratching until the eggs hatch and start to migrate upward. Have any of you ahd these problems?
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