teeth cleaning?

teeth cleaning?

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I would like to ask, who actually cleans their dogs teeth and do you see it as absolutely necessary?

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 Absolutely necessary! I have a small dog rescue and it breaks my heart when a dog only 1-2 years old comes in with dark nsty teeth and red inflamed gums. I use a butter knife to scrape as much off as possible. I put the dogs on antibiotics for 10 days. Why? Inflamed gums can lead to all sorts of problems. First, the infection can get into the blood stream and it usually travels to the lining around the heart. The teeth rot out and can actually be the cuase of the dog not eating. The rotted teeth can also rot out the jaw. Now what do you do? Without a good bone structure to hold the teeth, the dog will not be able to eat. 

 With my dogs, once their teeth have been cleaned, eitherby me or my vet, I give them rawhide chews weekly as well as actually brush them with a dry toothbrush dipped in baking soda. It keeps them sparkly white. 

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QUOTE 2/24/2012 8:00:02 PM
I use a product called Petzlife. It comes in a spray or jell. I spray his teeth once a week and brush them with the jell once a week. He has shiny white teeth at age 6 and my vet is impressed at each visit. He is sensitive to most medicines that are used to put him under so I try to stay away from Dental cleanings if I can.

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Bought some stuff to try and brush their teeth....we will see
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