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QUOTE 8/30/2011 10:37:44 PM
Is there anything else I can do? Auggie is a 20mo. male neutered dachshund-standard.  He has slipped out of the house and has bitten x2.  He is very good around his family, me in particular.  My family has 5 children ranging in ages from 9-15.  We live in a neighborhood that has a lot of children and kids are constantly coming and going, doors being left open etc.  He would be a good pet for an adult or adult couple that has no immediate contact with young children.  The two times he has bitten are as follows:#1 he slipped out the front door chasing after my son, children of the neighborhood playing across the street a neighborhood little girl ran up to him and he nipped her in the back of the leg.  The second time, just recently, the neighborhood kids playing and running around in the backyard, and empty lot next door, kids chasing other kids.  One of the children came in the house , not quite shutting the door and the dog slipped out.  The kids were running, so he chased after a young boy, then dog bit him in the hand  and side of the leg.  I pray someone will be able to take him.  The neighborhood families any insisting that I euthanize him.  He is a very loving dog.  He loves to sleep in bed, burrow under the covers, he is housetrained, he lets you know when he is ready for bed, loves to cuddle, and does well with my female golden retreiver.  He is a standard black/tan dachshund.  He is very smart, knows sit, and I believe could be trained.  The last 2 monthes I have had him on 'puppy prozac' to help with his agression.  Any inquiries would be greatly appreciated.  Our vet. is TriVet Farley, Iowa.  They are working with us and are aware of Auggie's issues.I really would like to keep him.  Any help is appreciated.

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QUOTE 8/31/2011 4:26:19 AM
 First, get him off Doggy Prozac. It works on his mind and could very well be the cause of the aggression., He feels off and does not know why. The noise of the kids running around could be misdirected confusion on his part. Contact your local dachshund club and see if they have a rescue. Go online to find the national club if you do not have a local one. They may be able to refer you.  Also contact your local animal shelter or vet for referrals to rescues. Hope this story will have a happy ending.

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QUOTE 9/3/2011 5:42:03 AM
I recommend you look for a behavior training program in your area. Give them a call and explain your situation. Look for one that offers gentle training methods. Behaviors can be managed and you'll get a better understanding of your dogs needs. Aggressive behaviors can be managed, but it takes work. If you are willing to do this it could also go a long way to showing the people who are calling for your dog to be put to sleep that you are working to correct the situation. In my area there is a three strikes your out policy. (depending on the seriousness of the biting) I'm not sure what the laws are like where you are, but here if there was even one more incident ..... the dog would be taken. The behavior training will put a stop to bolting out the door as well as other behavior.
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