Puppy ringworm

Puppy ringworm

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My coworker recently got a puppy that seems to have ringworm on her belly.  Anyone have any home remedies or advice for how to get rid of the fungus?


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Regular anti-fungal cream from the grocery store will work.     Buy the cheap generic stuff for $1.99 and put it on a couple times a day - it will be gone in a few days.

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ok thank you!

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Best way to treat ringworm is to get the Program flea control. give 1 pill according to weight of dog and then in 3 weeks give another. Fastest and easiest treatment and you won't catch it trying to put on the cream as it is very contagious to you and other animals

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QUOTE 1/14/2011 5:06:30 PM
RING WORMS:  I Goggled this product after I read your comment, it appears to be a promising improvement to the month long treatments that are usually given by vets.  Hopefully I will not have the problem anytime in the near or far future and will not need to put Program to the test.

The article I read did state it was used on cats, and the dosage used in their study was a rather hit and guess.  I didn't find much information  about the dosage for dogs.



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 I have used it with great success.  It works wonders. 

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How does this translate over to dogs? most everything I read speaks about cats & kitten. I know topical monthly flea treatments are supposedly different.

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