Parvo Virus

Parvo Virus

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QUOTE 12/7/2010 12:30:20 AM
Can extreme cold temps kill the parvo virus in a yard?  I live in Michigan.  We tend to have several weeks where the temps are in the 20 degree range.  Any chance it will help?


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QUOTE 12/7/2010 9:21:34 AM
NO.   the only thing that kills parvo virus is time (up to 2 years) or bleach. Bleach spray your yard and then in about 10 minutes rinse with fresh water.


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QUOTE 2/1/2013 11:40:33 PM
Bleach is deactivated by any kind of organic material so you are basically throwing money away to bleach dirt (*your yard). 

All disinfectants clearly state to CLEAN and then disinfect.  It states this as organic materials - dirt, feces, etc .... deactivates the disinfectant. 
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