Drying up a nursing dam

Drying up a nursing dam

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Anyone have any tips on how to dry up a nursing dam any quicker than just taking the pups off and letting nature take it's course?


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No I haven't found anything to speed up the process but we wean our puppies slowly over about 2 weeks and it really seems to help her avoid the uncomfortable stage right after weaning.  I hope this helps!


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   yes, me too. The pups are nursing first thing in the morning and then at night before bed to help relieve the pressure from moms milk, and so that they are getting "enough".  I once read a book on Pugs and the lady stated that she gave her dogs (show dogs) epsom salts once they were done nursing and it helped snap them  back into shape. I remember thinking how in the world do you get your dog to take that??!!


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I start by giving the puppies mushy food  at 4 to 5 weeks of age and keeping mom away from them most of the day. The fact that the puppiesare not as hungry slows down her milk flow.  Don't forget to start worming the puppies at 4  weeks. I use Nemix . If they are wormy when their first shots are given

it can interfere with the shot. Most puppies with Parvo have worms . Another tip to help dry her up (and she will love it) is warm compresses on her breasts. Soak a terry cloth towel in  real warm but not hot water and apply to the breasts . This helps dry them up and softens thick milk. I don't know what the

epson salt is but dont do it.  Cutting back on her diet also helps. She should be on puppy diet while early nursing but you can put her back on her regular diet when the puppies are 6 weeks old . Puppies should get their first accinations at that time. I give Distemper measles/parainfluenza  and parvo at 8 weeks DHPP

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    I have done all those things except the warm compresses. I will try that. She still gets pretty swollen up even tho pups are nursing just in the morning and at night...unless of course they can catch up to their momma at any other time of the day when they are exploring and playing or she jumps into the pen to eat their food.

        yeah, the epsom salt never really made any sense to me but thought maybe others had heard of it.

           My Cotons babies are now today 6 weeks old and I gave parvo shots all around. They have been wormed at 3 & 5 weeks with pyrantel. I will give their first 5 way booster at 7 1/2 weeks.  And they have their "official" vet check set for that week too.

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