My 6 month old Pom-chi has REALLY bad breath , lots of teeth

My 6 month old Pom-chi has REALLY bad breath , lots of teeth

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Hello We've got a 6 month old Pom-chi with bad breath problems and also there is the fact that he has quite alot of teeth for such a little mouth. I am worried about this because I figure that being a puppy still he has been teething and I would have thought that he would have lost some baby teeth by now. However this lil dog does not do things small at all .  He has lost like 2 baby teeth and he still looks like a little shark. He has a double row of teeth on top and on the bottom two teeth behind his front canines. I feed him wet food when he is teething and he has dry food available at all times. He does have a variety of chewies and toys. I am worried that his dental issues are the cause of the dogatosis he has . Can someone please tell me if this is common with the breed? If not then what can I do to cure this ? Will it cause him any harm?

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 He needs to go to the vet and have the baby teeth pulled. The canned food is not helping. It gets stuck between the teeth and will rot them out. See if you are feeding  a kibble with corn or soy. Both cause gas and are not well digested.  If you plan on having him neutered, the vet can do it all at once. He will probably need to be on antibiotics for a few days before surgery just in case. Also adding parsley to his diet will ehlp some wiht bad breathe originating from the gut. Helps with digestion too.

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She should have finished changing teeth by now. She is probably retaining extra baby teeth. This is not unusual with toy breeds. Usually I recommend getting them pulled when you spay at 6 or 7 months . I you case the Vet should see her. She may have a gum infection. I also recommend dry (no water ) dog food.  I breed Silky Terriers and my dogs eat small breed puppy Eukanuba until they change their teeth and they Eukanuba 30 /20 Prefomance food . It is a little bigger (around the size of a pea) and helps keep the teeth clean . The formula is almost identical to small breed puppy .  Even really small dogs should eat a top quality dry food .  Euk puppy for small dogs it about the size of grapenuts
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