Fat Cat Tips

Fat Cat Tips

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Well, we all have seen them, I bet. Fat cats.

But here's the question: How do we really tell if we have a fat cat?

Well, if you put your hand on their spine, you should be able to easily feel their rib cage. If you don't then your kitty may need to lose some pounds. I have a fat cat, and I'm woring hard to make her healthy again. Mostly I monitor her feeding, making sure she doesn't eat my other cat's food. I soon learned that the reason that my other cats were skinny was from the other cat eating their food! Well, my fat cat, AmberLeaf, is looking a little skinnier. But sometimes it may become worse, and if you have tried to skinny up your cat to no avail, I would contact a vet, for it may be something terrible, maybe even cancerous. But most likely it's just from being over-weight, which can also be prevented with some special kitty food, which can be bought from your vet, or sometimes even in the store. I get mine from the vet, though.


I also have a question: How do you get fleas off a cat? We've sprayed the house, and washed all the animals: 1 dog and 3 cats. We still have fleas. Any tips?


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 Fleas are real bad this year. We have 122acres so there is no way to spray it all for fleas. We use frontline on all the dogs and cats. The house dogs are the only ones with problems. The kennel dogs are pretty much flea free. I am sure it has to do with the housedogs roaming out in the fields.  They come home covered. So every evening they get a bath with an herbal flea shampoo. It kills the nasty bugs on them and then they can come in the house. We spray the yard around the house with a flea killer/ barrier. It worked last year but not his year. We have flea traps in the house but they don't do much... especially at $17 each. If anyone has a better idea I would love to hear it. The dogs sleep in be wiht us so we don't want fleas in the bed!

 For a fat cat, try to give them more play and exercise time. I know cats are not fond of the treadmills but there are some that seem to work well for really fat dogs. The hampster wheel is excellent for working the blubber off some dogs. We have a pool we swim themin during summer and that helps with the obese ones. It isn't just food that makes a chihuahua over 10 pounds when she should be closer to 5. Good luck. 

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Eucalyptus (sp?) Is a great flea repelent. Sometimes animals can have allergies to the harmful chemicals is most over the counter flea and tick repelents. You can get eucalyptus in an oil and sometimes spray, the spray is safe to use right on your pet.

As for your overwieght cat I have the same problem! My cat has always been overweight, he has lost some pounds since eating Avoderm, the low fat one. And he eats two small meals a day. Another good thing that helped him loose some weight was I would sit on the floor with his bowl and toss a few kernals of food so he had to go get them, not far but enough to get him moving. This makes him eat less and work for his food.
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