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QUOTE 10/12/2010 2:29:29 PM
This is a very interesting argument.  Seems like people fail to realize that if all dogs were spayed and neutered in 100 years dogs would become an endangered species.  I understand theres a lot of shelter dogs and kathy is right I think there's an even bigger problem with the foster care system.  My husband and I tried to adopt, we didnt want a baby we sincerely just wanted to give a child a good loving home.  After almost a year of jumping through hoops and paperwork in the end it didnt work out the foster system is extremely corrupt.  I have a friend who was a foster parent and she has many sad stories she tried to adopt too and it didn't work out (not because of the child).  One thing that bothers me is I noticed theres only one organization where I live that deals with foster kids and 10 that deals with rescuing and fostering dogs and cats.  There's 2200 kids in the system in the state that I live in so the need for help is there. 

I agree totally that it is the owner of pets that is responsible for the dogs in the animal shelters not the breeders.  As long as the demand for dogs is there people are going to continue to sell them I can say breeders should be a choosey who their puppies go to, however, people who buy them are ultimately responsible for their lifelong care.  People treat kids the same way there's good parents and bad parents.  Unfortunately, people are often selfish and just have kids to have them those kids end up in the system.  Some people buy dogs just to have them because its what they want at that moment those dogs end up in the shelter.

People seem to be forgetting that anyone who owns a dog no matter where you got it it was the result of breeding. 
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