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QUOTE 6/8/2010 9:09:08 PM

A puppy is not a sweater! The Humane Society of the United States recommends never buying a  

puppy over the Internet. To avoid puppy mills, always visit your breeder in person. For more  

information, go to humanesociety.org/puppy  

Have you checked the shelter? Before buying a puppy, please remember there are many animals  

including purebreds waiting for homes at your local animal shelter or breed rescue group. For  

more information, go to www.petfinder.org or humanesociety.org/puppy  


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QUOTE 6/9/2010 7:05:25 AM
Did you notice you are on a site that is primarily for the sale of pets?

While I agree with everyone that puppy mills should all be shut down because of the way they treat the animals, if you really want to rant could you please do it on some other site that will agree with you?

This is not the site to spout anger over puppy mills or full shelters, the people that monitor this forum are primarily breeders that are here to help educate the common buyer, or the common buyer thats needs assistance from the experienced breeders.

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QUOTE 6/9/2010 12:41:25 PM
The HSUS recommends a lot of things, and eliminating pets from our lives all together is one of them. 

Go rant your HSUS banter else where.  We here at NDP actually like our critters and want to keep them. 


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QUOTE 6/9/2010 5:15:58 PM

Quote winddial:

The HSUS recommends a lot of things, and eliminating pets from our lives all together is one of them. 

Go rant your HSUS banter else where.  We here at NDP actually like our critters and want to keep them. 

A morning without puppy breath....is a morning without love and hope

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QUOTE 6/10/2010 10:50:45 AM
Yes, we can all agree that puppy mills are bad. However, maybe you should educate yourself on H$U$.

*Did you know that Wayne Pacelle, the H$U$ CEO, earned over $250,000 in 2008?

*41 H$U$ employees made at least $100,000 in salary last year.

*H$U$ spent almost $20 million on "campaigns, legislation, and litigation," collecting more than $86 million in contributions, spending $24 million on fundraising.

*28 cents of every dollar given to H$U$ goes right back out the door for more fundraising.

*HALF OF ONE PERCENT of its total budget provides care to cats and dogs. THAT'S ALL!!!!

Don't be suckered by their commercials that show caged dogs and cats: give money to your local shelter instead.

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QUOTE 6/11/2010 5:21:41 PM
Ehh, it seems like this is just another "to each his/her own" type of thing.. Are puppy mills bad.. usually.. do they cut corners and treat pups badly? Yes.. But I bet not all of them do! :shrug: I dunno, there's no answer! Let's put it that way.


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QUOTE 6/13/2010 7:43:09 AM
 HSUS has done a good job at getting the word "puppy mill" to be part of our lexicon. But what exactly is a "Puppy Mill"? Would the term be applied to someone who has top quality show dogs and breeds show quality pups every time the bitch comes in heat? Or what about the idiot down the street with a mixed breed dog who has litter after litter under the car on blocks in his front yard? HSUS called the latter a "backyard breeder", the former a puppy mill.         

  There is nothing wrong with breeding dogs of quality. In fact, if  "puppy mills" are outlawed how fast will Mexico become the puppy mill capitol of the world.  Here in the states there are strict laws governing the licensed kennels, both on the state and federal levels. I would rather have REASONABLE enforceable laws here than doom the dogs to a life in a small cage in Mexico.

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QUOTE 6/14/2010 11:42:59 AM
It's quite apparent that breeders selling on this website can't possibly care about animal welfare.  They are adding to the problem of pet over-population while wonderful animals in shelters are euthanized by the thousands.  How can they sleep at night knowing these poor shelter animals are suffering and dying because of their greed.  Put the breeders out of business! Adopt from your local shelter. 

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QUOTE 6/14/2010 12:09:27 PM
pdood, since you think all the breeders on this site are just trying to make money off the poor animals, why don't you adopt all the shelter animals, thus fixing the shelter problem....then all "us selfish breeders" can get rich, because seriously I think it is time for us to actually begin to make some of ALL that famous money we are supposed to be raking in!!!!! Personally I haven't seen any of it yet, after I pay for the genetic testing, shots and basic vet care per dog I might clear $150.00 per puppy, if I also factor in the care I have given to the mom and dad then that profit level drops by over 50 percent. So please tell us gready breeders what you are going to do to resolve the problem, as you I am sure, with all your vast knowledge will be fully able to solve the problem within a few days. 

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QUOTE 6/14/2010 2:39:44 PM
you should ask HSUS about the animals that they import into our country to padd the numbers, and elicit $$ from all of you that are so damn sure that us breeders are the ones filling those shelters. of course you would never get a true and honest answer if it did not suit their agenda ( and it doesn't) which to to make sure that all animal husbandry is halted as soon as possible. And if they can take down the swine, chicken and beef indusatries along with it, all the better in their eyes. Go to a different website and find those who are in agreement with your AR views, there are plenty out there &  keep on blindly swallowing the retoric that is expounded by HSUS and AR groups.  

And as an edit:  I just want to say AMEN and HOW RIGHT YOU ARE to the posts that follow mine, many good points all around. Kathystone & Beaglebrat especially spelled it out for many of the  reasons that dogs overflow the shelters, and who is responsible and the HSUS agenda. I did not want to post after her because I want her post to stand for people to read in the first look.

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QUOTE 6/14/2010 6:58:42 PM
pdood, blame the irresponsible people who dump their animals in the shelters, the careless, clueless ones who think that a puppy is automatically potty trained and would never eat their your favorite slippers!  They're the ones who don't look at their pet as a life-long commitment and end up dumping it in the shelter because they are not really in it for the long haul. Don't talk to me about being an irresponsible breeder, especially when I'm up in the middle of the night bottle feeding a little one who has fallen behind his siblings size-wise in the litter, or sitting up with an expectant mother before she has her puppies. You need to point a finger at the pet owner who quickly gives up on his puppy. When we have a dog here at our house, that's our dog for life, and we've also taken in our share of strays and rescues and have kept those dogs for their entire lives, too.  BLAME THE IRRESPONSIBLE PET OWNER, NOT THE BREEDER.  You need to quit being swayed by the H$U$ rhetoric and educate yourself.

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QUOTE 6/14/2010 9:06:41 PM
 Sadly, it is a fact there are dogs being euthanized in shelters across America. There are children lanquishing in foster care/ juvenile facilities as well. So, here is the solution to both :) Spay and Neuter! Dogs and Humans.( It makes as much sense as the humaniac rhetoric about going after all breeders.) You want a new baby? Too bad! Not until all children are in loving two parent homes! Even then you will have to qualify just like people do now when they have reams of paperwok to adopt a kid. Ah! But you want a baby!? 

 Most people want a puppy, not an adult dog. Most people have a few criteria for that puppy. It must not be "too big" when full grown, must not shed or chew anything ever. The puppy must be a good watchdog but not bite the adorable little child who has been chasing it around the house tormenting it for hours. The puppy must never bark except when "necessary". And it must be small enough to carry around like a wardrobe accessory yet big enough to keep that burglar at bay until the police arrive.( Sounds like one of my oversized chihuahuas!) Of course, it must be as smart as Lassie or Benji. And when the pup's owners move into an apartment, it must be easy to place when that new apartment won't take "pets". Just like their kids they can march the little fellow to the kid pound and know someone will adopt their loving little orphan... NO kid pound? What do they do with the children when  they move? Oh, they have enough intelligence and planning to move to an apartment that takes kids.... then why not move somewhere that takes pets? Oh, yeah, too stupid and irresponsible.

  So let's get after the owners who are the probelm and not the breeders. And by the way, I have a small dog rescue. The majority of our dogs CAN be trained to do anything but it takes time, patience and loving. Something people who dump their dogs usually never consider or care about. 

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QUOTE 6/15/2010 12:41:12 AM
Well said Kathy!!!!!!     Couldn't have ever said it better!

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QUOTE 6/15/2010 11:10:31 AM
Rootbeer1 and Pdood are trolls. In fact, probably the same troll.  If you don't like dog breeding in general in any circumstance then please don't post on THE LARGEST PUPPY SELLING SITE ON THE INTERNET (congratulations to Nextdaypets by the way, you are the best puppy selling site!).

I don't go on the HSUS website or Petfinder and try to cause problems.

I think it is great when people rescue good dogs, but I think it is stupid when people and rescues spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on dogs that are 1)completely untrained,  2)Aggressive  3)Unstable temperament  4)Severe health problems.

Some people just don't want other people's problem dogs-- and a lot of the dogs in shelters have problems. It may or may not be their fault. I am sure a lot of it is training issues, but at the same time, why should just the irresponsible people (who later dump the dog at a shelter) get the opportunity to raise a puppy?

My clients are never going to adopt a shelter dog. They want the best of the best. They want to know about the parents and their temperaments. They want a puppy that has been raised and socialized in the best manner possible.

There are a lot of puppymills on Nextdaypets. I agree.  Those bargain discount puppies where the advertiser has 80 puppies listed at a time.  I would also agree it is up to the buyer to check out who they are purchasing their puppy from but I would disagree that someone needs to drive out and see the place in person.

If the breeder has a good website, you can see how and where the puppies are raised.  You can also see what health testing they do over the internet. Most have health warranties you can see or request to see. Most have referrals or you can speak with their vet. 

I have purchased many puppies/dogs over the internet in the past 10 years. I have never had a problem with purchasing puppies over the internet.  It is only when I have tried purchasing adults for breeding that I have found people have not been real honest

HSUS is worse than PETA because they are more effective in marketing their extreme animal rights activist agenda. They are more effective at fund-raising and buying lobbyists. They are more effective at pushing through extremist laws that they want that are bad for animals and people who own them (like the Horse Slaughter Ban that caused thousands of horses to be abandoned and starve to death).

When the National PAWS Bill did not pass in 2006 (I believe around that time), they made a commitment to kill the dog breeding industry State by State, and they are doing a very good job of it.  Who wants to be seen as "against rescue" "against shelter dogs", but that really isn't what they are about.


Everyone that likes puppies, pets and purebred dogs should be concerned.


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QUOTE 10/1/2010 12:15:04 PM


Vote NO on Missouri's Prop B!

For Information and Materials to hand out make sure to check out the links below.





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QUOTE 10/1/2010 6:07:16 PM
 Fopr those of you who don't want to go to another website to learn about prop B. Here is what it says in a nut shell( I am a nut, a dog nut!)

  All dogs kenpt or maintianed for breeding purposes must be provided with clean and wholesome food, water, access to shelter from the elements and proper veterinary care at all times. Sounds harmless right? Except, in Missouri ALL breeders who have more than 6 intact breeding dogs MUST already get a licensed that requires clean and wholesome food, water, access to shelter from the elements, and  proper veterinary care. In fact there are inspectors that come around on a regular basis to check on the dogs and their care. You must have an annual veterinary inspection of all dogs as well.

   The  mistreated mutt down the street may be tied to a car for "shelter" with a green algae covered water tub and food dumped on the ground but that is not considered "cruel" under this new bill. ONLY BREEDERS BREEDERS ARE CRUEL!! And by breeding dogs, you are by association a cruel person! Never mind that you stay up all night whelping puppies, or bottle feeding babies mom did not want. Never mind the hours you spend scrubbing your kenel while your dogs are outside playing. Never mind you sanitize every week or two as required by law. Never mind that you are breeding top quality dogs for poeple looking for pets. No, and god forbid you ahve more than 50 dogs! They pulled this number out of a hat! Some people cannot take care of one dog. Some have a full time staff of caring employees who care for the largest kennels. These people will be out of a job as well.

  NOw for the best part. The bill, if passed says " no person shall breedor allow to be bred more than 50 DOMESTIC ANIMALS and no animal shall be bred more than twice in an 18 month period.... So, if you like steak, that also includes the farmers who raise our beef pork, chicken, and our lambs well as dogs and cats. That is completely in line with HSUS agenda that wants us to stop eating meat, owning pets and having anything to do with our love of animals.

   I have a small dog rescue. I am already seeing the effects of this bill even before it is passed. We have had over 2,000(yes, two thousand) dogs offered to us by breeders in the last 3 months. The dog auctions are slowing down only because so many people have left the dog breeding industry. I am against ANY dog being mistreated but  if we don't have quality caring producers here,  regulated within reason here, your dogs will be coming from Mexico. Just like the  horse slaughter industry, when there is demand, it will be filled.

 Oh by the way, have you seen the ads for HSUS on tv? Please tell me where is their shelter or shelters they fund and or support? Oh there aren't any. HM ANd how much does their ceo make? Oh "only over $250,000. And where does their money go? To lobbyists whoa re anti pet anti animal!

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QUOTE 10/6/2010 4:39:17 PM

Quote mobullybabies:

Well said Kathy!!!!!!     Couldn't have ever said it better!
Kahy may I have permission to  post elseware  I agree your discription of people wanting to adopt is so right 

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QUOTE 10/6/2010 8:09:28 PM
 Sure but please clean up my spelling. I had a stroke 3 years ago and spelling seems to have gone out the window.

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QUOTE 10/7/2010 3:58:56 PM

Quote mobullybabies:

Well said Kathy!!!!!!     Couldn't have ever said it better!
Thank you Kathy . I will clean it up

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QUOTE 10/10/2010 12:40:40 PM
I do agree with Kathy's post but not Beagle's. I do believe he has little experience with shelter dogs to make such an assumption. Before I begin let me say I'm pro responsible breeders and also pro shelters. I volunteer at our local shelter, have taken in many strays but also bought a dog from this site and owned as number of purebreds.

We live in the country and currently have five strays that we have taken in. Two were badly abused and dogs considered unadoptable. One was a beautiful purebred lab and the other a shepherd/chow mix. Angel, the lab, was scared of everything, hid in the corner, wouldn't move from her safe zone, and hated all males. But after a few months of work, she's a sweet girl who sees right into your soul andf melts down all your defenses.

Milo, the shepherd/chow, came into the the shelter with extreme agression and pure fear. He was sceheduled to be put down. He was a "problem dog" as you put it. Now he's living a healthy, happy live on our farm.

Blackie, A.K.A. Mama dog, was a dog dropped off full of pups at our house. You said dogs taht you bred were the best of the best. Blackie is mized with too many things to count and has put all our dogs, purebred to mutts, to shame. She's the kind of dog that kids can pull and yank on her and she'll never growl. The kind who will watch over me with a love and protectiveness that not even Lassie could achieve. The dog that has saved my life twice and my Mom's life once. She can catch fish, ducks, squirrels, birds, mice, and snakes without fail.

I'm sorry, I don't mean to cause problems I just wanted to say that strays aren't a lost cause and though it was true some dogs were problem dogs, the majority were healthy, happy puppies who's parents weren't spayed/neutered and the owners abandoned. I can count on one hand the number of true problem dogs we had, and some of those problem dogs just need to know someone cares for them and that they're loved. They know you saved them and will repay the favor. Most of our rescued dogs were trained easily even at an older age, it just took a little time. It just bothers me when someone makes assoumptions about "mutts". I love my mutts, as you can tell, and also love my purebreds. I'm very excited about going to pick up the puppy I bought from this website.

I do not approve of the HSUS and kniow from personal experience they're a bunch of greedy pigs. A neighbor of ours was abusing their horses and we called the HSUS about them, sent them pictures of the starved horses, wrote detailed reports and they did NOTHING.
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