Stopping milk production

Stopping milk production

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Anyone know how to help your dam stop producing milk once you are weaning the puppies? It seems mine has her teats just FULL of milk even tho we have been on the process for about 8 days now. The pups do nurse once or so a day because they see mom and there they go. It is hard to keep them separate from her in the home all the time. And they love mommies milk.

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If they are still nursing when you start letting pups go at 6 weeks. Start cutting her back how often she can go in there. You need to be down to once a day before all the pups leave. Or when she gets tight with milk. Mine will nurse as long as the pups are around, so I have to just keep them away from the pups. When she gets tight I put her in. As long as there nursing they will keep making milk according to my vet.

Hope that helps.


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My vet told me when you finally pull the puppies for good to cut down mom's access to water for a day or two and her body will reabsorb the milk quicker. I don't mean let her completely dehydrate, but I don't give them a whole lot of water for a day or two, and they normally dry up quickly, and they don't get all full and develop mastitis.


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 Yes I started restricting their mommie time for nursing when they turned 6- 6 1/2  weeks old and I needed to get their shots going, plus they had teeth and mom was not hip on those.  But those puppies will chase her around and latch on as sooon as there is an opportunity (when I bring them in from going outside hard to corral 6 at once)  but yes she was certainly overflowing and udders very tight. I will try the water, she was drinking gallons during the nursing phase.
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