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QUOTE 9/26/2009 11:44:32 PM
Anyone know it would be a problem to use "Frontline"  for dogs (puppy to 22 pounds) on your cat? They are about the same weight. I wondered if there was a problem with using my extra dose for the month on the cat too.  

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QUOTE 9/27/2009 3:59:08 PM
I have always heard you are NOT supposed to put the dog frontline on a cat, but I like to have never got an EXACT reason you should not.

The active ingredients are almost the exact same for a dog or cat:   

DOG:  Fipronil (9.8%), S-methoprene (8.8%), Inert ingredients (81.4%)

CAT:  Fipronil (9.8%), S-methoprene (11.8%), Inert ingredients (81.4%)

Probably wouldn't work in a cat because of the difference in ingredient concentration. There isn't enough s-methoprene in the dog version to work for the cat. Giving a higher volume would then overdose the cat on fipronil.

The methoprene is the insect growth regulator. From what I have been able to find out,  cats livers metabolize chemicals differently than dogs livers do, and some is lost due to that, hence the larger dose.

That's my guess anyway. There seems to be a lot of  iffy, iffy, wishy, wishy on the subject. To be safe I would just use it on puppies and wait to get the one for cats.  Better to be safe than sorry.

By the way....are you the same lady that I used to talk to all the time on LiveDeal?


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QUOTE 9/28/2009 9:06:01 AM
thanks for the info. I decided to buy both even tho it was a bit expensive. Ordered thru NDP. What kills me is that even tho you put the topical on your pets, it does not kill all the fleas, just makes them sterile. And I've had a heck of a time this summer due to having 2 pregnant bitches during the height of the flea season. I won't treat whihle they are pregnant, did that once and lost 2 pups. Only time that ever happened.

 And I probably am, used to list on Livedeal, but get much better response on Next Day Pets.

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QUOTE 9/28/2009 9:44:15 PM
I've always used Frontline and Frontline Plus for dogs on my cats. I buy the extra large dog size and then syringe it out for different weight dogs and my cats. I use 0.5 ml on a cat. I've never had a problem and I know of a vet clinic that used to okay this method. Certainly saves a lot of money since the extra large dog dose is over 4 mls. But you can't do this with other types of flea meds since pyrethrins can be very bad for cats.

I've had a horrible time with fleas too this year. I just tried Advantage for the first time. Next year I'm going to use nematodes and Diatomaceous Earth which will hopefully keep me from having to use all these chemicals on my dogs.

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QUOTE 10/21/2009 4:18:49 PM
I've heard great things about nematodes. Has anyone tried brewers yeast with garlic? they say it helps control fleas, but in my research i havent found any proof.

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QUOTE 10/21/2009 5:32:52 PM
one of my fellow breeders gives their house dog brewers yeast with garlic and they say it is very effective that the fleas do not like the taste on the dog so they don't hang around, so I am going to try it next season.   I am not familiar with Diatomaceous Earth. 
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