Loss of hair

Loss of hair

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I have a terrier that started losing hair on the head and it spread to the legs and body.  Skin tests came back negative.  I have treated as mange by dipping every five days and spraying with a spray to kill microorganisms and am administering Omegaderm 3 daily.  The hair is coming back, but what are the chances the loss of hair will return and I have dipped three times, so how much more should I do that?

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 Demodectic mange is very hard to find sometimes. If the dips are working I would suspect it is a mite. I would continue to dip every 5 days for 30 dasy adn then see how it goes.  Sometimes the demodex mites will go crazy if the dog is stressed. Nutritional deficiensies can trigger an episode. It is almost always hereditary so I would also recommend getting your dog altered. Good luck.

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Other things besides mange can cause hair loss. Such as seasonal alopecia, hormonal imbalances and thyroid problems to name the most common Check out this website with all the different things that cause hair loss. There are a lot more issues out there than demodex.


 I would not be dipping a dog that has not been found to have mange. Those are heavy duty pesticides that even make me sick if I am around them.

Even if it was mange I do not do dips. Instead to 3 weeks (straight) daily treatment with ivermectin, 3 weeks off, 3 weeks on until the problem is cleared. Again if it was mange, those dips can be so taxing on the system that they can hinder the dog getting better.


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I agree with BB on this.  We had two dogs that had hair loss issues years ago, one was allergic to dust mites and the other was allergic to just about everything else. 

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I want to thank all for their suggestions and am glad to report that they are doing great.  Good coats.  Hair coming in thick.  I am still spraying them daily and keeping the Omega 3 in their diets.

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Also, try not to feed your dogs with sardines. My father seemed to enjoyed giving our dogs with everything that is canned, which led to our dogs' hair loss.


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