R.I.P Spot :(

R.I.P Spot :(

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QUOTE 7/29/2010 7:38:15 AM
My Grans dog spot passed away a week ago. Spot was a healthy springer spaniel  and was always full of energy and love. My grandmas  next door neighbour is her son and he thought she was incapable of looking after spot while he was away on holiday so he left spot into a kennel until they came home. My grandma is an elderly lady and cant always be well enough to see to spots needs. Spot was also an old dog of 11 years and although i am only 13 i have always took spot for long walks 2 times daly in our local park which he always seemed to enjoy. He always had fresh water and was always feed the right amount of dog food but when bu uncle ( my grandmas son ) came home from his 2 week holiday in Portugal he was told that spot had died. I personally feel that if spot was left at home and taken care of as he always has been he might still be alive now. Can i have your opinion on this story and what you think might be the cause of spots death
1. he ws old and was going to pass away soon so it was just his time
2. He should have been left alone at home as usual 

thank you for taking time to read spots story

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QUOTE 8/19/2010 7:48:09 PM
I'm very sorry for the lose of Spot :( I think maybe it was just his time to go. They are never hear for as long as we need them and want them to be here with us. But Spot is in a better place now. Again I'm very sorry.
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