Shih tzu's and long hair

Shih tzu's and long hair

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QUOTE 6/27/2009 11:00:33 PM
This is for anyone who has a Shih tzu puppy and wants them to have long hair or longer hair.

I've had Shih tzu's in the past and always kept them in a "puppy cut" because I was afraid I couldn't handle keeping their hair long and tangle free. Well this time I desided I was going to give it a try and I'm glad I did. I started with my little girl two days after she came home. I put her on the table and started brushing and combing. At first it was a struggle of love I have to admit, but slowly she started to get the hint that I wasn't giving up and she was going to have to deal with it. After about three months of daily brushing she started to like it and even jump up on the grooming table when I'd bring it out. I give several treats while brushing her to encourage her to enjoy the time. Now at eight months old she loves being groomed and even falls asleep while I'm brushing her. I can clip her nails, clean her ears and use the clippers on the hair between her toes and she could care less. Because I do it everyday I only have to spend about 10 minutes doing it. I'm so happy I desided to keep her long. You can keep your dog long too, if you want to. Just give it a try.

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QUOTE 6/28/2009 10:28:43 AM
I love Shih Tzus

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QUOTE 10/24/2009 3:09:03 PM
I have six Shih Tzu and keep them all in a long coat.  I also breed thm.  Grooming is not that hard if you start early with the puppy.  When my pups leave here for their new homes, they are already used to being bathed, dried, brushed and clipped (tode nails and privates)  If a new owner wants the face hair trimmed before pick up, I do that also.

I personnally do not understand why someone would buy a long haired dog and then get it shaved.  If you want a short haired dog, then buy one that way.

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QUOTE 11/24/2009 9:09:33 PM
First off, you should know what to look for. The care that you will
give your dog's hair is essentially going to provide him with a clean,
shiny coat as well as provide you with a way to monitor your dog's
health. When you are grooming him, you will want to look for nits,
fleas, ticks or even just irritations of the skin. By doing this, you
will help to catch any problems before they become big problems for
your animal and for you.

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