Africa Puppy Scam

Africa Puppy Scam

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QUOTE 6/29/2007 4:36:13 PM
Buyer beware in the last 3 days i have been scammed approx. 4 times by people in Africa.
They would like me to send money via western union in the amount of $150-$2100
all of the people claimed to be Rev. Pastors, or missionaries.The scammers have gone so far as to send pictures,and to call.

I will post some of the emails.
the first contact was with this lady

I am really sorry because we have just given out our last puppies and would not have another pups until next year 2008. But l would say you're lucky to have mailed at this time because the puppies has just been placed on adoption by one of my customers, who went on a missionary work transfer to lagos, Nigeria, West Africa.He is giving the puppy up for adoption because he cant take good care of the puppy due to his busy and tight state of work.All he wants is someone thats homely and with a good christian home to adopt this young and lovely human best friend. he will give you a full details, pictures of puppy and the fast shipping are assured for the quality breed because the puppy has a Current vaccinations,Vet Exams.,Health cert. and guarantee( 1yr),potty trained and home raised and socialized for tremendous attitude, excellent temperament, super trainability and has that special people pleasing personality.he has an incredible high rate of learning with a delightful elegance of structure and a beautiful breed type and with AKC Registries.
If you are able to email him via : l am sure you would be lucky to have this puppy in your home,please tell him you are from me and he will be happy to give the puppy to you and if you have any question, feel free to ask.

Thanks and good luck


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QUOTE 6/29/2007 7:57:23 PM
LOL I had gotten the same thing about and english bull dog.

Alot of scams

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QUOTE 6/29/2007 8:58:41 PM
The Next email I recieved
Thanks for the mail once more.they are 8 and 10 weeks old and has very
good temperament with kids and other pets,very playful love to play around with
toys and kids,they are health guaranteed and registered,vet checked.they are up
to date on all their shots and will be coming along side their health papers and
vet records.they are called ali and lili as you can see in the attachment below
hopping you will love them.the reason why we are giving them out for adoption is
because work are too much for us and it gives us no time to take care of them,so
we decide to give them out to a family where they will be well taken care of and
treated like a daughter and son,and since you are interested in adopting them,we
are willing to give to you but you have to first assure us that you will take
good care of them and that you will send their pics to us monthly so that we can
see how they are doing in their new home.please may we ask you some few
questions?do you have other pets?where do you live?
how soon do you want them?are you sure that you will really take good care of
them?get their pics below.we hope you will love them.we will be waiting for your
mail asap. Stay bless in the name of the lord.

These guys even sent pictures


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QUOTE 6/29/2007 9:00:42 PM
so the good pastor then emailed me and phoned me!
Calvary Greetings,

I am Rev ,i have two puppies,a male and a female for adoption.My puppies are AKC registered with shots up to date.The breeder that you contacted regarding puppies forwarded your email to me too.I am not in the States right now because i was sent by my church to west Africa for a crusade prayers.the babies are here with me and i can not keep them any longer because i don't have much time to take good care fo them.The main reason i want to give them out to a good home is the harsh weather condition over here in africa.
I am not asking any dime from you but all i want from you is just your love and care for my puppies,ok?If you are really interested in my puppies,send me your full contact informations including the nearest airport to your home for proper shipping arrangement.
The puppies will be coming with their play toys and sample of their food with health and owners certificated.They will be shipped to your nearest airport as soon your informations are provided.shipping cost to your airport $300 each,total for both of them $600 and that is the only fee you have to pay to the shipping company.No adoption fee!!
Get back at me asap
Thanks and God be with you

This guy was unbelievable ever so helpful and willing to work hard for his money!

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QUOTE 7/1/2007 7:16:10 PM
I live in Mechanicsburg Pa and over this weekend my daughter-in-law and I were scamed by what sounds like the same guy. All the info is all but the same. We didn't find out about the scam until it was already in progress. My daughter had already sent 200.00 and refused to send anymore. We found these puppies in a local website called PennLive. We have contacted the police, and are getting in touch with PennLive to have the ads removed from the website. Buyer beware...if it sounds to go to be usually is

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QUOTE 7/3/2007 11:23:49 AM
I saw your post while just wondering around on the internet. I have just been scammed by someone in Lagos Nigeria. I can't believe I was so dumb. They placed an ad in the local newspaper for a pup for sale. When I contacted them, that pup was gone but referred me to someone in Lagos Nigeria. He poses to be a missionary with this long story, but anyway he is still wanting money which he will receive no more of. Believable story, well planned out and thought through, he has even offered our money back but will take him a while to get it to us. Don't know what will happen. Don't let this happen to you.

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QUOTE 7/5/2007 6:59:34 PM
that happened to me over like 20 times it's hard trying to find a puppy from a good breeder that's not a scammer

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QUOTE 7/6/2007 10:34:18 AM
Since last post, the guy emailed back and said he had contacted a colleage back in the US to sell some property or belongings. When it is sold, he will arrange for a check to be send to us. I asked for the name of the person so I could contact him to make sure this info was true. Haven't heard anything yet because this was late yesterday afternoon. I have said some horrible things to him and gave him some threats about the law, I don't know if this has made him think twice about what he has done. I can't believe you have been scammed 20 times, that is a little much. It won't happen to me again. I won't even think about buying something like that over the internet.

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QUOTE 7/6/2007 2:50:41 PM
What is it that Judge Judy says? Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me! Be very careful and use secure payment methods.

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QUOTE 7/6/2007 5:14:55 PM

Quote boomobile:

Since last post, the guy emailed back and said he had contacted a colleage back in the US to sell some property or belongings. When it is sold, he will arrange for a check to be send to us. I asked for the name of the person so I could contact him to make sure this info was true. Haven't heard anything yet because this was late yesterday afternoon. I have said some horrible things to him and gave him some threats about the law, I don't know if this has made him think twice about what he has done. I can't believe you have been scammed 20 times, that is a little much. It won't happen to me again. I won't even think about buying something like that over the internet.
Keep us posted if you don't mind. I'd like to hear how this one comes out. I wish you the best.

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QUOTE 7/11/2007 11:28:09 PM
Hey guys
we have recieved a great many emails since my last post and i keep them all not really sure what to do with them...the latest story is that my husband responded to an email about 2 bulldogs by telling the man that in canada we eat puppies with carrots and potatoes (joking obviously) The man had just finished telling my husband to take care of his "Babies" and then told my husband that he could have the puppies for stew for the low price of $5000...can you believe that.
(of course we would never eat puppies)
but it just goes to show that this is such a scam.

Please be careful

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QUOTE 7/16/2007 9:22:11 PM
I am so glad I found this forum. Although I am a breeder I almost fell for one of these scams. I really want an english bulldog for a pet and have been searching for one but cannot afford one right now. I found one that said $400 and so I inquired about it and got an email from a man saying he works for the USDA and has been sent to west africa to educate them on crop production. I noticed in the email a lot of things were misspelled and started to be alarmed. The original ad on the site said Oklahoma so I thought I would drive. Needless to say I am so thankful that I started searching. Now I completely understand why I cannot sell my puppies. I am sure at the price people think it is a scam. thanks so much for alerting others. I guess I will stick to local sales.....

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QUOTE 8/2/2007 12:56:25 AM
Yeah just two days ago i lost $700. He said he was a reverend with the same info as all of the above. I feel so dumb.

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QUOTE 8/3/2007 9:50:07 AM
Shortbliss, what kind of dog were you scammed on? I am trying to find out if it is the same one that scammed me. Was your ad placed locally or did you get it off the internet?

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QUOTE 8/3/2007 10:19:45 AM
I was almost scammed by these people too. My daughter has Leukemia and cannot attend school she gets very lonely so we thought that a companion would help her get through this hard time. I saw an ad for a yorkie puppy in Brooklyn, NY. I emailed them and expressed interest. They responed (rather quickly) and told me the story about them being missionaries and would send me the pup free of charge I would just need to send $150 for shipping, they then called me and told me the pup was at the airport and as soon as they got the $ the pup would be on it's way. This is when I started to question things. How can a pup be in Africa @ 11:00 one day and in my daugheter's arms by 11:00 the very next day. They called me back within a hour asking for the $ and I told them what I had discovered on the internet and that I was no longer interested. I have since received emails from "revends" who are claiming the same story, (pups in Africa and no time to care for them). I have no puppy and my daughter is very disappointed but at least I didn't send the money. Beware if it seems to good to be true, guess what it isn't.

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QUOTE 8/9/2007 10:30:41 AM
Tried to help a coworker find a yorkie puppy, thought this was too good to be true but figured worth just seeing, maybe person desperate to find a home quick because they were moving? She received this reply back

hanks for the reply and for the interest in my puppy, First thing is that i will want you to promise that you will take very good care of my puppy and She is 10 weeks old,She is AKC Registered and her shots are given up to date,She is potty trianed and Champion Bloodline.she so cute, so little, so lovable, All her papers will accompany her,But right now i am in africa Nigeria on a Christain mission with my wife and we have her right here with us,And i hope you are also a good christian that will take very good care of our baby, Why am getting rid on this little baby is that there Harsh weather here in africa that is not good for the little puppy. She a little baby girl she weighs 1lbs she is going to weigh 3-4lbs when fully grown and with a one yr genetic defect health guarantee and i will like you to know that she still available and looking for a good home to adopt her, She is for free adoption pay for her shipping fee only which is $150.. she is for new year family member so hurry and I want you to know that she will be shipping through Aero Pets Airline Nigeria Ltd Next day delivery or the same day as soon as your payment is received through western union the puppy will be shipped out to you and I will want you to get back to me with your Full Name, Address, Contact Phone# and your nearest airport for the delivery of the puppy if you are interested and so that i can start making the shippment arrangment to you. Await your response.

Thanks God Bless.
Pastor J.

I didn't even know there WERE such scams out there- sad. I got suspicious before she showed me this when I started thinking about it and clicked on show me more listings from this person and a page came up showing the same puppy offered in every state in the country!

Sad what some people will do for money.

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QUOTE 8/9/2007 8:12:56 PM
For the past week and a half my girlfriend and I were scamed by a man known as Rev. He said that he had a 3 month year old bull terrior that he wanted to give a nice home to live in. So my girlfriend sent $350.00 to him for the dog, this included shipping and handling. Two days goes by and he informs us that we need to send an additional 400.00 to cover the release of the dogs medical papers and insurance for the flight. So being young and dumb we send it. Then the next day he said the dog can't be shipped because she broke her crate. So after hearing this we decided to look into this more. We called the shipping company and even the dog breeder that gave us his name and according to them it was all true. So after hearing that and calling a few more people we decided to send the money. Talk about getting roped in!!!!! After that he called and said she was on her way, but she first needed a shot before she would leave. We said no to that and told him had to come up with money. He called us back later and said that he raised the money for the shot from his church. Then a day passed and we heard nothing until he called the next day and said the dog was stuck in Mexico City airport. He would need an additional 50.00 to get her through customs. Well after going through everything we said the hell with this and stopped sending money. I wrote of this down step by step because I'm hoping by someone seeing every move this guy made they won't get sucked in like we did!!!!! I JUST HOPE ONE DAY THESE PEOPLE GET WHAT IS COMING TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!! Here is the REV address to that he gives you-----


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QUOTE 8/10/2007 3:52:22 PM
I was almost fooled by some so called "missionaries " in Africa . English Bulldog puppies for free ! yeah right . English Bulldogs are not cheap they can be worth up to 2000 to 3000 dollars depending on the bloodlines . Luckily my gut started feeling funny which indeed was a bad sign . I knew that that was a scam . Anybody posting a dog ad with the words ...

Nigeria , Africa , Cameroon , West Africa , missionary work , business trip, weather conditions . ITS A SCAM DONT FALL FOR IT !!!!!!

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QUOTE 8/10/2007 5:33:22 PM
so i have been looking for a puppy on the internet and came across 5 dogs i liked all from different people. they ALL wrote me back immediatly (within an hour) all claiming to be rev's or working with churches. they all told me the dogs would come with their papers..and that they were giving the dog up for free but they needed a 150 shipping fee and that the only reason they couldnt take care of them was because they got relocated to africa and could no longer take care of them due to work...i found this website and saw everything everybody has posted before i fell for it. thank goodness. so if somebody writes you back from AFRICA, WEST AFRICA, CAMEROON, OR NIGERIA. dont do it.

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QUOTE 10/8/2007 9:54:41 AM
I too almost fell for this scam until I researched and found this site. I live in Maine and the ad was posted as a maine ad until the e-mail said puppy would be coming from Cameroon. This is what I e-mailed back to them:

NO THANKS, Just found out from researching the internet that these are scams. People like you should be ashamed of yourselves. Taking peoples hard earned money for nothing in return. Go out and earn some money the real way like the rest of us. Doing things like this will come back to you some day and you will be the one that has lost. Preying on people that have lost their dogs and loved ones or children that want puppies but moms who cant afford large sums of money. Hopefully someone will catch you soon and you will be sorry for what you have done to these people.

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