Cameroon teacup yorkie Scam or no scam??

Cameroon teacup yorkie Scam or no scam??

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QUOTE 10/14/2010 6:11:35 PM
As long as there are people that are naive to believe thay can get a healtly purebred puppy for free or less than $500 there will be the scammers. They even try to scam sellers of dogs.  I personally have very little sympathy for those that are scammed when purchasing a puppy .  Last year I heard of 7 people that were scammed. 6 never saw the puppy and one did see the puppy (it was shipped from MO) . It was sick with parvo and dead with in one weeks. She was out the $400 for the puppy, 300 for shipping and 1800 in vet bills. The puppy was purchased through Western Union on a  money order , per sellers instructions and she had no way of gettng a refund unless the seller chose to which of course did not happen.   

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QUOTE 5/17/2011 3:34:35 PM
 well i guess i got scamed by a young lady named amandapowell she is supposably a owner of two yorkies named mack and angel there are so kute so i decided like an idiot to get the puppies right well she emailed and shipped the dogs to yaounde airport which is in cameroon so i had to pay 360 for the yorkies and then the airport needed 520 for vaccines and qaurantine papers saying there ok to come to the united states so i sedn all this money to them thru money gram so in total they stole from me 880 im so upset so now my supposably puppies are in moscow now that airport wants 1250 so i was going to get a loan for these puppies but now that i got on here i feel like crap they stole from me 880 ughh all i wanted was some teacup yorkies and comes out to be a scam  please no one get dogs from africa or cameroon its a fraud and dont not get any yorkies named mack and angel from amanda powell....

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QUOTE 5/17/2011 4:59:12 PM
well if you had dealt with someone within the US and NOT in an outside country, ESPECIALLY Africa, you would probably have a very nice little yorkie and not have your money stolen. There are warnings all over the place about not dealing with Cameroon. Once they started shuffling all the info and puppies ya might as well kiss your $$ good-by. People want something for supposed nothing and they get screwed every time. You cannot raise yorkie...english bulldogs......Cotons......whatever other purebred pup you want for NOTHING. It just doesnt happen except in your dreams.  
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