Puppies near me

Puppies near me

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QUOTE 9/2/2006 6:51:33 PM
Well My New wife and I just moved to germany and I want to suprise her with a puppy. Saw this site, And looks like it will help... problem is i found the puppy i want but i dont know if he is close to me, You know here in germany. Is there a way i can find out here in the ads where they are located. i would feel bad for the poor puppy to have to travel on a plane so i want to buy one kind of locally. So any advice or help would be nice and thanks alot to all of you! Bye


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QUOTE 9/2/2006 10:52:03 PM
First of all, this should be a decision made by BOTH of you, not just you. Pets should never be given as a gift. It is a living breathing thing - not an appliance or piece of furniture.

Are you sure your wife really wants a puppy? Is one of you home all day to take care of a puppy. They have to go out every hour or less.

I have no idea where you are looking at ads that don't tell you where they are. That makes no sense if they want to sell puppies.

How long will you be in Germany? Have you checked what the laws are about bringing a dog back to the states if that is where you will be going? Length of quarantine if any?

You definately do have the right idea of buy locally. Reputable breeders do not ship puppies
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